Little Girl Nearly Hit by Motorized Vehicle During Disney Visit

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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are incredibly inclusive places, and the Walt Disney Company is always working to make the changes that will make all Guests feel included.

One of the many branches of inclusivity includes support for those needing wheelchairs or ECVs (electric conveyance vehicles), which is why Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort both offer rentals for these mobility aids.

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But anyone who’s worked as a Cast Member or visited a Disney Resort as a Guest can tell you that the motorized ECVs can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances.

Many Guests and Cast Members alike have been hit by ECVs, and have even been injured as a result. For one family who recently visited Disneyland Resort, disaster was narrowly avoided when a little girl was almost hit by an ECV going at full speed:


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In this video, we can see the little Guest running up to the applause box on the ground, earning a round of applause from the Cast Members. She then runs back to her family, and the video stops as another Guest riding an ECV enters the frame.

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However, a follow-up video confirms that the little girl wasn’t hit, and nobody was injured! Although it was apparently a close call.

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Credit: Disney

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It just goes to show that although scooters and ECVs are a necessity for any Disney Park, all parties need to keep a sharp eye out in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

After all, sometimes we need to be the magic we want to see in the Disney Parks!

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