‘The Lion King’ Has the Cutest Audience In This Video, Creating a ‘Lion-Ception’

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Credit: Disney

When it comes to the filmography of Walt Disney Animation Studios, few films are as celebrated, memorable, or iconic as The Lion King (1994), directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers.

Disney's the lion king

Credit: Walt Disney Animation

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The Lion King is so beloved it’s resulted in multiple sequels, a stage musical, multiple TV shows, a live-action remake directed by Jon Favreau, and the entirety of Animal Kingdom.

This classic film has been so well-received that audiences of all ages and species enjoy it, including lion cubs:


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In this video, we can see two lion cubs sitting calmly, eyes glued to the screen as the iconic “Circle of Life” intro sequence plays.

Although real lions inhabit Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, this video was filmed elsewhere.

Instead, this video was filmed on Serval Wildlife property.


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Serval Wildlife is a wildlife sanctuary tourist Resort offering luxurious villas and up-close encounters with animals of all kinds. The Resort is located in Kilimanjaro’s Siha District, giving Guests stunning views of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

What you see in the video isn’t fake, Serval Wildlife’s Resort really does offer encounters that are just as up close and personal, giving Guests an experience unlike any other.


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Not only that, but the entire Resort is environmentally friendly, taking measures to restore biodiversity, relying on renewable resources,  and taking steps toward a carbon-neutral future.

Each animal resident of Serval Wildlife has either been rescued from the wild after suffering injuries or “ethically obtained” by zoos.

For more information, check out the organization’s official website.

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