Kids Ruin Disney, Leave ‘Em at Home

Leave the kids at home
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Children are a blessing. They’re cute, and it’s such a rewarding experience watching them grow up and learn. As a parent, myself, one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life has been watching my kids reach their goals. I’m fortunate to be able to be a part of their lives. As my kids are getting older and moving out, it has become common to sit and think about the years we spent teaching, caring for, and loving them. These memories carry with them a warm feeling and an accompanying smile.

However, if I sit long enough, I’m reminded that it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Even while writing this, I’m reminded that a large majority of their youth was spent dealing with mean attitudes, selfishness, and them breaking everything in sight. The horrors of child-rearing are forged in my memory, and as magical as our Disney vacations have been, even Mickey Mouse couldn’t quell their deep desire to complain and make things miserable.

Recently, you’ve heard a lot of chatter about “Childless Disney Adults.” Angry Guests have voiced their opinions about visiting Disney Parks without children. The response was not a pleasant one. But maybe these “Childless Adults” have figured out something the rest of us aren’t brave enough to try! Perhaps a large majority of them aren’t childless. Maybe they’ve decided to maximize their Disney vacation and leave the pesky kiddos at home! So, today we’re going to dive into why you should consider a trip free of complaints, meltdowns, or tantrums; we’re going to talk about why you should visit Disney without kids!

Spend Money on Yourself

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Any parent will tell you that kids are expensive! Feeding them takes away a lot of our financial freedom, especially at Disney. Sure, there are tips and tricks to save a few bucks on dining with your family, but what if you could spend those extra dollars on yourself? Feeling guilty; don’t! Guilt is a problem for a lot of parents. My wife struggled with buying things for herself because of her “kids come first” mentality. I applaud her for her selfless approach to parenting, but I strongly encourage her to buy things for herself. Recently, I was able to take her on an adult-only trip, and I was shocked by how easily she threw items on the counter. The difference was simply that our kids weren’t present. Without the kid’s constant want eating at the back of her brain, she could let loose a little and spend some money on herself. It was refreshing to see!

No Mid-Day Meltdowns

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If you’ve taken a kid to Walt Disney World (primarily due to the heat) or Disneyland Resort, you’ve undoubtedly been a victim of the mid-day meltdown. Children tend to reach their boiling point sometime around the middle of the day. Abruptly, the magic ceases as your child loses their tiny little mind. The remedy is a nap, which destroys valuable time to take advantage of entertainment and attractions. Even if you’re the one who needs the rest to avoid your own meltdown, at least you won’t have to deal with traveling back to your Resort with kids in tow. Plus, if you decide to call it a day, you can! It’s your time, do what you want with it!

A Perfectly Tailored Trip

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I’m sure there are attractions and shows that you tend to miss when you take your kids. Maybe they’re too young or too scared. Either way, without them, you don’t have to worry about making the perfect schedule with others in mind. You can put yourself first and do what you enjoy. It’s a very refreshing way to enjoy the parks. This rule applies to planning trips with others, not just children. A solo trip can be just what the doctor ordered, as you are not restricted by what others in your traveling party are willing to do. As for your kids, this frees up a lot of confusion and costs associated with staying on property and Genie+. Maybe meeting Mickey Mouse isn’t on your list of priorities, and guess what; without kids who insist on seeing him, you don’t have to! You can do the Parks at your speed in your way! Don’t want to spend all day at Magic Kingdom, don’t! You can do it your way.

Get the Party Started

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The nightlife surrounding Disney Parks is an aspect of vacation that most parents don’t get to enjoy fully. This is simply because dragging kids to an establishment geared towards adults is a miserable experience. Pro tip: don’t do it. Instead, go out by yourself or with your other adult friends. Leave the kiddos behind. Close down Disney Springs or drink around the world at EPCOT. Enjoy being an adult! You may find that it’s almost effortless to tap into that person you used to be before you were mom or dad. I’ve found this a fantastic way to be kids with my spouse and enjoy each other. Not creating unnecessary confines to our vacation has been liberating!

Travel Light

Leave that double stroller at the house! Walking the Parks can be a physically demanding experience and lends itself to that mid-day meltdown we discussed. However, cutting down the clutter will help with this tremendously. No hauling diaper bags, changes of toddler clothes, and no lugging around balloons or bubble wands make for a completely new experience for parents. You’re freeing yourself up to have a fantastic experience when you leave all that stuff behind and just enjoy being an adult at Disney. No one wants to carry all that extra stuff on their backs when the sun gets hot or their feet hurt. Taking an adult-only approach alleviates much of the logistical hassle (and maybe even fights) of ensuring you have everything you need at the Parks in the first place. Take a literal load-off and just enjoy yourself.

By now, you’ve probably picked up that this article is more about encouraging an adult trip to Disney rather than kids ruining your trip. The truth is that taking kids to Disney can be a memorable experience, albeit an exhausting one. We’d never encourage you not to spend time with your children, but we’d highly recommend a trip with your adult friends or spouse. Kids really are a blessing to raise, and I wouldn’t change a minute of what I’ve gone through with mine. The good and the bad have taught priceless lessons and created memories that I will never forget. Doing an adult-only Disney trip can be a memorable experience as well. It also sticks it to the “stay at home if you don’t have kids” crowd. Do Disney in a new way; you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.


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