Johnny Depp’s Sprawling L.A. Home Goes on the Market As Ex-Wife’s Allegations Shake Up His Career

Credit: Trust Real Estate

Actor Johnny Depp’s lavish Los Angeles home was put on the market–just one of the many casualties of the war waged on him by his former spouse.

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Johnny Depp’s L. A. Home/Living Room/Credit: Trust Real Estate

Johnny Depp’s career was nearly destroyed by allegations made by the actor’s vindictive ex-wife, but Depp’s turmoil began years before the public was privy to the unsettling and graphic details of the emotion-fueled and expletive-laced exchanges between the former couple. Amber Heard set out to destroy Depp, and she nearly achieved her goal. Were it not for Depp’s dedication to the truth about his tumultuous relationship with Heard, as well as his fans’ dedication to justice for the defamed actor, “Johnny Depp” might have become nothing more than a name associated with a bygone era.

But long before Depp and Heard took the stage inside a Virginia courtroom, trouble was brewing on all sides for the Edward Scissorhands alum. Heard systematically attacked his credibility, his character, and his self-esteem, to say nothing of the physical damage she caused to Depp himself and to his property when she exhibited her rage toward him.

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Another loss that resulted because of the fallout between Depp and Heard has to do with the sprawling Los Angeles penthouse the couple shared while they were married (though Depp owned the home before he married Heard). There’s a spectacular full-wall mural in the dining room painted by Brazilian artist wins OSGEMEOS. But the truth is that for many, Johnny Depp’s Los Angeles home was a work of art all unto itself.

The home is located in the old downtown area of Los Angeles and sits at the topmost part of the Claude Beelman-designed Eastern Columbia Art Deco building. It features nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and 11,500 square feet of living space and was listed following Depp’s divorce from Amber Heard.

Credit: Trust Real Estate

“While obviously being owned by Johnny Depp certainly attracts more media attention to the penthouse collection, what makes them unique beyond that, is the opportunity to own a wing atop LA’s most architecturally significant residential high-rise building,” said Kevin Dees of Partner’s Trust Los Angeles, the agent responsible for selling the massive home, which is a combination of five separate penthouses, each one purchased by Depp and then connected by the construction of new doorways.

Art adorned the wall space in nearly every room, but the largest piece of artwork in the entire home is one that became a part of the home itself–a massive, multi-colored mural created by twin artists OSGEMEOS. The mural takes up the entire dining room wall.

The dining room

Credit: Trust Real Estate

But Dees pointed out that for those who might become bored by the artwork on the walls, there’s no shortage of breathtaking and interesting vistas from the home’s windows.

“I’m looking north down Broadway, and you’ve got these beautiful historic buildings, and you’ve got mountains off in the distance, you’ve got the newer part of downtown to the west, and I like to sit here and look out and imagine that this probably is what it was like being here in the 1930s,” he says.

Credit: Trust Real Estate

Depp purchased the first of the five penthouses in 2007. The building had been a clothing a furniture store before it was converted into an apartment building. The actor purchased the remaining four penthouses over the next few years. Three of the penthouses are connected by doorways. One of the penthouses was used as a guest house, and another one served as Depp’s art and media studio.

Credit: Trust Real Estate

The sale of Depp’s L.A. home appeared to be related to his seemingly ugly divorce from actress Amber Heard. (The couple married in February 2015.) But Dees said that the sale was actually a savvy business move on Depp’s part. Depp originally bought the five penthouses for a total of $7.2 million. The combo penthouse was listed at $12.7 million, affording Depp the opportunity to win a profit of $5.5 million.

“Real estate prices in Los Angeles are at very healthy levels,” Dees said. “Mr. Depp is not only a brilliant actor and artist, but he’s a smart businessman.”

Credit: Trust Real Estate

Credit: Trust Real Estate

Since the time of the initial listing, all of the penthouses have sold. In June 2022, one of the penthouses was listed yet again for just short of $2 million.

Credit: Trust Real Estate

No matter how long the new owners live in the penthouses, there’s no doubt that it’s quite a conversation starter to say that he or she lives in the penthouses once owned by the man who played the iconic, unforgettable characters in Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and a myriad of other films.

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