Jennifer Lawrence “Devastated” to Lose Out on Disney Role

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The life of an actor is not an easy one.

In Hollywood, every actor and actress has to fight tirelessly to earn a coveted role in a film or tv show. Even after establishing yourself as a big name in the industry, you still have to beat out other competitors for each big-time role. An interview with A-list actress Jennifer Lawrence has recently resurfaced on the internet, where she speaks about the roles she was close to getting but ended up losing. Some fans were supposed to learn that Lawrence’s “role that got away” was actually one in an iconic Disney movie.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence Could Have Been a Disney Star

An incredibly large amount famous actors have appeared in Walt Disney Studio’s projects over the years. Many believe that appearing in a Marvel, Star Wars, or Disney film or TV show is like a right of passage for an actor. Surprisingly enough, superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence never appeared in a Disney project, but she almost did.

Alice in wonderland

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An old interview with the actress has now gone viral on TikTok. The interview is from February 28, 2018, and Jennifer Lawrence is speaking with host Howard Stern on his podcast. In the interview, Stern asks the actress about roles she missed out on, specifically Bella Swan from the Twilight series. Lawrence goes on to explain that she has missed out on roles for a variety of reasons and has learned never to take them too seriously.

Only one role has ever really upset Lawrence not to get. She explains,

“…the one thing that really killed me, like the only time I’ve ever been truly devastated by losing an audition- because most of the time you’re like “ahh, move on what can you do”- was Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland.”

Alice in Wonderland was a movie produced in 2010 by Walt Disney Pictures. Mia Wasikowska ended up being cast in the role of Alice over Lawrence. Lawrence went on the explain that she loved the movie and the casting was phenomenal. Still, it is pretty wild to imagine a world where Jennifer Lawrence played this part!

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