It’s Time to Stop Asking This Question During Disney’s Turtle Talk With Crush

Walt Disney World Resort is home to four different theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

Each Disney Park offers entirely unique and immersive experiences, but one of the most wholesome resides in EPCOT’s World Nature area. That’s right, we’re referring to Turtle Talk With Crush.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Credit: Disney

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Turtle Talk With Crush is a 15-minute show that totally rocks! During this show, Crush interacts with Guests and even takes questions.

It’s no secret that Crush the Turtle is a funny guy, er, marine animal. So Turtle Talk With Crush is always full of laughs. However, one joke is simply overplayed by now: the turtle soup joke.

Turtle talk with Crush

Credit: Disney

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Around a year ago or so, Crush asked a Guest about his favorite food, and the Guest replied saying ‘turtle soup.’ The reaction was, of course, very funny as Crush’s jaw dropped and he looked uncomfortable. While it could have been a one-and-done joke, it’s become a bit of a meme, and Crush is getting tired of it.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Credit: Disney

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We can totally understand why! The show only lasts 15 minutes, and answering with an overplayed, uncomfortable joke makes things awkward and wastes time all at once!

Recently, someone made the infamous ‘turtle soup’ joke again, and Crush has had enough:


This keeps happening and its not funny. Please dont. #disney #disneyadult #turtletalk #turtletalkwithcrush #disneyland #california #vacation

♬ original sound – Bibbidi.Bobbidi.Beard

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In this video, Crush responds with a scathing response (well, as scathing as he can get). Even the crowd is tired of this joke if the lackluster laughter is anything to go by. Luckily, Crush was able to recover the energy and move on with the show.

In short, if you’re thinking of making this joke: don’t. It’s tired, overplayed, and at this point, uncomfortable.

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