Another “Cancelled” Ride Scraps Material; Is This the Death of Disney’s Originality?

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If there is one thing that Disney theme park fans are resistant to, it’s change. Since the dawn of Disney, fans have always had a hard time letting go of beloved attractions, characters, and theme park offerings in general. There is a sense of nostalgia that these attractions hold, and it can be devastating to say goodbye.

This week, fans have said goodbye to many songs in the musical selection of the Country Bear Jamboree, which will soon be transformed into the Country Bear Musical Jamboree. While many are excited that this attraction is getting a much-needed facelift, others are getting emotional when saying goodbye to the attraction’s original songs.

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A bear character from the Country Bear Jamboree show is playing a guitar on stage. The bear, donning a hat and vest, appears to be singing. A lantern hangs on the wooden wall in the background, with a red curtain adding to the rustic ambiance of this lively jamboree scene.

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Why Did Disney Ax the Old Music?

The relaunch of the Country Bear Musical Jamboree promises an exciting unveiling of a fresh repertoire, introducing a whole new collection of captivating songs to enchant audiences. This musical extravaganza is poised to captivate visitors with an array of popular Disney tunes that are sure to resonate with fans of all ages.

The updated lineup of songs is carefully curated to infuse renewed energy into the show, ensuring a memorable experience for guests who embark on this musical journey. Through this revitalization, the Country Bear Musical Jamboree aims to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere for all ages.

It was announced earlier this week that some of the new musical numbers include songs like “Try Everything” from Zootopia and “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. While these songs are wonderful, there is something sad about Disney returning to covers of popular songs instead of creating new songs.


Has Disney Forgotten Originality?

In the midst of all these changes, another larger conversation has been started on whether or not Disney needs to bring more original and unique attractions to the parks instead of relying too heavily on popular intellectual property. In recent times, Disney has shut the doors on several other unique and original theme park attractions while also continuing to create more attractions based on popular intellectual properties like Frozen and Zootopia

It begs the question, is Disney scared of being original? In a time when The Walt Disney Company relies largely on theme parks for revenue, it does seem gutsy to take a gamble on new ideas that haven’t already been tested in movie theatres. Nevertheless, many fans cannot help but mourn the days when originality was praised.

With this anticipated unveiling of new musical numbers, the Country Bear Musical Jamboree continues to cement its status as a long-term resident of Magic Kingdom Park. While the new material does look to be amazing, it will be hard for many fans to overlook the loss of the original attraction’s music at Walt Disney World Resort.

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  1. Answer to your question about disney being scared about being priginal….no they aren’t. What they are is pandering. They are kissing rear. They are focusing on the easily offended and overly sensitive. They want to be responsible for things that trigger. When it’s not their responsibility, nor yours or mine. It’s utterly ridiculous how since Chapek came along, everything is about race, gender, sexuality or making sure no one’s feelings get hurt. I’m gay and Hispanic and gotta say it’s utter garbage that Disney has gone to this direction. Disney needs to go back to the 90s. They seem to have forgotten that they already had inclusion and diversity back then and didn’t concern themselves over if Joe(lene) got offended by a joke or that suzie wasn’t happy someone didn’t look like her or that Karen couldn’t handle folks ignoring non required pronouns. Disney isn’t afraid, they just have addlepated Dullards in positions that require some cleaning.

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