Internet Riots After Disney Reportedly Charges $70 for Bowl of Cereal

Cinderella's Royal Table
Credit: Disney

This is absurd, even by usual Disney standards.

There is no doubt about it: vacationing at a Disney Park is certainly not an inexpensive endeavor. Between flights, accommodations, theme park tickets, and merchandise, the cost of a Disney Parks vacation can easily add up. One of the easiest ways to rack up an expensive vacation bill is by purchasing all of the expensive Disney food and drink options at the Parks.

Cinderella's Royal Table Sign

Credit: Disney

A Not so Budget-Friendly Meal

Of all the restaurants at Disney, Cinderella’s Royal Table is one where it’s easy to spend a lot of money. Table service dining at Disney is not inexpensive, but for many, the experience of dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom Park is truly worth every penny. While it may come with a higher price tag, the memories and enchantment you’ll take away from this magical breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert are priceless.

From the moment you step inside Walt Disney World’s Cinderella’s Royal Table, you’ll be transported into a fairy tale world. The enchanting atmosphere, complete with regal decor and charming details, sets the stage for an unforgettable character meal experience. The restaurant’s grand dining room is adorned with sparkling chandeliers, elegant tapestries, and stunning stained glass windows, creating a truly royal ambiance.

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Cinderella's Royal Table Dining Room

Credit: Disney

One of the highlights of dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table is the opportunity to meet a beloved Disney princess or two. Throughout your meal, Cinderella and her royal friends will make their way to each table, greeting guests and posing for photos. This interactive character dining experience is a dream come true for Disney fans of all ages, and it adds an extra touch of magic to an already enchanting meal.

$70 Cereal?!

However, the price of one recent meal at this restaurant has certainly caused some drama. A viral video posted on the TikTok app shows a family poking fun at what they describe as a $70 bowl of cereal.


Cinderella’s Royal Table @Kaitlin LeBeouf

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Many fans have been quick to point out just how expensive this meal is. While this restaurant may be more of a meet-and-greet experience than anything else, $70 for just a small bowl of cereal does seem quite extreme. Cinderella’s Royal Table offers a fixed menu price of $69 per adult and $42 per child 3-9 during breakfast.

While there is no doubt that this price is quite a bit absurd, it seems like this situation could have been avoided by ordering a different entrée. What do you think?

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  1. Actually it was a 42.00 bowl of cereal because the child got it. If the adult had gotten it which would have been even crazier it would have been 70.09. I would have told her that they didn’t have cereal and she had to have something else that day. Lol

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