Hyped-Up Disney Snacks That Are Average at Best

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A Disney Park to-do list isn’t complete without a few Mickey-shaped treats. After a quick internet search, you’re guaranteed to find the same options on just about everyone’s list. Fans adore just about anything Disney puts ears on, and this also goes for food. However, not all snacks are created equally, and many you’ve been told are must-haves are complicated, plain, or just average. We all love food around Walt Disney World, but some fan-favorite snacks can be pretty mundane.

Today we will talk about some of these notorious snacks that many Disney Guests would never call “challenging to eat” or “similar to something you’d get at your local fairgrounds”. I will, however, because I hope my opinion is unbiased. Sometimes that means going against the status quo. Sometimes that means looking the “influencer” who’s telling you to eat Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars in the face and proclaiming with a resounding “NO!” because there’s much better ice cream to be had at Walt Disney World.

Stay Out of the Confectionery

Sorcerer Mickey Candy Apples

Credit: Disney

This one is probably going to hurt some feelings, so let’s go ahead and start strong. It’s best just to rip the band-aid off, right? Yes, the Confectionary on Main Street, U.S.A., smells fantastic and is a staple rooted deep in Disney culture. But the snacks there are basically apples, pretzels, cereal, and popcorn covered in liquid sugar. Let me be clear, I’m not downing grabbing a sweet snack, but the offerings here are basically overhyped Instagram props. Who’s eating caramel apples, anyhow? The better question is, how are you consuming them? My teeth hurt and get stuck together just thinking about it.

Sure, you can get popcorn with all sorts of fixings, but I can do the same thing in my kitchen at home. These simple treats at the Magic Kingdom can also be found all over Walt Disney World property. There’s nothing unique about them except that the majority are shaped like Mickey Mouse. So, now that I’ve killed your sugar high, what would I recommend at the Magic Kingdom? Look no further than Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. Grab a Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich, and thank me later.

Mickey Pretzels Are Getting Stale

Mickey Pretzel


This one may sting a little as well. Some fans relish the Mickey Pretzel with a zealous reverence only matched by Star Wars fans’ denial of the sequel films as canon. If that sentence doesn’t make sense, just trust me when I tell you that Star Wars fans will fight you over claiming Disney’s big-screen products as part of the original story. Neither here nor there, the point is, although they have a following of devout worshippers, Mickey pretzels are pretty basic snacks. Basic meaning bland.

Sure, you can liven them up with some cheesy goodness, but even if you manage to get one that isn’t hours old (and stale), there are still one-and-done. Like many other snacks on this list, they are shaped like Mickey Mouse, only exacerbating a deep yearning to spend money on them. Trust me, and put your wallet away! There are better snacks, including way better pretzels, on Disney property. Head over to Baseline Taphouse at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and enjoy a Bavarian pretzel with beer-cheese and spicy mustard. Better yet, be authentic and get yourself a Jumbo Pretzel from Sommerfest in EPCOT. You don’t have to settle for a half-day-old warped Mickey made with bread and salt.

No, It’s Not Emu

Turkey Leg

Credit: Disney

I think more people will agree with this selection. For starters, it isn’t Mickey shaped. Secondly, it’s probably the most unhealthy thing you can get at a Disney Park. This snack already holds a controversial grasp on Park Guests. They either love them or hate them, but everyone can smell them from a mile away. Yup, we’re talking about the infamous turkey leg.

This giant hunk of turkey tastes more like pork than poultry and packs a dumbfounding nutritional punch. According to My Fitness Pal, each leg has around 1100 calories with 54 grams of fat. But the real thriller is the whopping 5284 grams of sodium. That’s over two times your daily recommended intake! In fairness, turkey legs are meant to be shared, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that they are smoked bird legs that seem to fit better in the “Flinstones.” Instead, consider Regal Eagel Smokehouse at EPCOT or Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Hollywood Studios if you want smoked meats.

Mounds of Icing

Hocus Pocus Cupcakes

Credit: Disney

You may have guessed our last addition to this list by the heading. The sweetest treat in Disney Parks is, without a doubt, the cupcake. They’re adorable, and they’re perfect for social media, but they’re also overpowered in the sugar department. Most of the cupcakes I’ve had at Disney have been dry and bland in flavor, nothing special. The kicker is that they pack an Expedition Everest-sized amount of icing on top! This is often by design, as Disney cupcakes replicate characters and attractions throughout the Park, so you typically need the mountain of flowing buttercream to see the resemblance.

Better yet, as these cupcakes are designed to be as appealing to the eye as possible, they often come in unique shades and colors. Pretty cool, right? Not when the icing falls onto your clothing or stains your teeth. I’m speaking from experience; nothing is as magical as looking like you just devoured a smurf. I couldn’t make this up! They’re great for getting likes on the internet, not so much for avoiding ruining clothing. Instead, try the Chesire Cat Tails at Chesire Cafe in Magic Kingdom. They’ll get you trending and are a much cleaner experience.

The truth be told, it’s your vacation. Eat all of the food! Whatever you want, and how much you want. It’s your money; spend it however you please! If you must have a Mickey pretzel, forget what I’ve said and enjoy it like it’s the last thing you’ll ever eat. I hope, however, you’ve noticed that the actual purpose of this article is to convince readers maybe to expand their comfort zones and try different things. Don’t unthinkingly follow the advice of whoever you’re watching on social media. Instead, be adventurous; there’s something everyone will enjoy, we promise!

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