How To Prepare For Your Walt Disney World Trip In A Post-Quarantine World

Disney Mask
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World is still providing magical experiences to those guests that feel comfortable traveling right now.  Adjustments and precautions are being taken by the company to help guests and cast members stay safe during these difficult times.  While Disney is taking these steps, there are things that guests can do to help prepare themselves for visiting Walt Disney World in this post-quarantine world.

1. Be Educated

The first things that guests can do to help prepare themselves for their Walt Disney World trip during this time is to educate themselves.  Disney has a wonderful section titled “Know Before You Go” that provides a wealth of updated information.  Guests heading down on vacation should check this page to stay informed on procedures, updates on what is opened and just an overall understanding of what to expect.

Credit: Disney

2. Set Expectations

Prior to heading down to Walt Disney World on any vacation it is important to set clear expectations.  During this post-quarantine world, guests need to be aware that parks are closing earlier, evening shows aren’t happening and some experiences might be adjusted.  This doesn’t mean that the magic is any less, but it does mean it might be slightly different than guests have experienced in the past.  With this in mind, guests should prepare themselves for those adjustments ahead of time.

3. Pack Accordingly

When packing for vacation to Walt Disney World some items are important no matter when visiting.  Don’t forget comfortable shoes, weather related items like sunscreen and rain gear, as well as those portable chargers.  During this post-quarantine world there are few additional items that are essential when heading down to Disney for a vacation.  First and foremost, don’t forget those masks.  It is a requirement that all guests ages two and older wear a face mask at all times when not stationary and eating and drinking inside the parks.  This means that every member of the family will need masks and multiple ones at that while on vacation.  Along with masks are other health related items such as hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and even possible immunity boosting vitamins.  All of these items can help guests feel even more comfortable while visiting the parks throughout their trips.


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4. Practice

We typically suggest that guests practice walking prior to Walt Disney World and that is surely still important.  Now however, we suggest also practicing with mask wearing.  Although many adults during this post-quarantine world are getting more accustomed to wearing masks, many children might not be used to this experience. To help them become more prepared, consider practicing around home prior to heading down.  Also, since most months are hot in Florida, consider practicing on those walks.  Each mask is made slightly different so practicing with them will help guests pack masks they are more comfortable with wearing.

5. Know Your Comfort

Disney is doing a great job in limiting capacity, helping guests’ social distance and enforcing mask wearing in their parks and resorts.  This really has made Disney a wonderful place to visit during this time.  That being said, guests should go into the vacation knowing their comfort level in areas such as crowds, dining, and transportation.  By being aware of their comfort level regarding these areas prior to being in them will allow guests to make good decisions for themselves and their traveling party while visiting.  It will help eliminate some stress if guests are prepared for these situations prior to being in them.   

Credit: Disney (Topolino’s Terrace)

6. Make a Plan- Sort of

A trip to Disney in this post-quarantine world is a combination of less planning and more planning.  Since guests are required to make park reservations prior to arrival, guests will need to have a plan for which park they are visiting each day.  Once these reservations are made, guests don’t have to plan fastpasses allowing more flexibility in their day.  Some dining experiences are still not opened yet, this means that guests wanting to experience sit-down meals will want to make dining reservations ahead of time.  The good thing is that Disney has added a new feature in the My Disney Experience that allows guests to see walk up times that are available.  Another area that guests will want to think through is the fact that the parks are closing earlier.  Since this is the case, the evenings are opened for unique options.  Guests might want to swim at night, catch a movie under the stars at their resort or head to Disney Springs for a meal.  These early park hours do allow for some nice, relaxing evenings.

7. Get Ready for the Magic

Finally, take time to get ready for the magic.  Even in this crazy post-quarantine world guests should take time to celebrate the countdown to the vacation.  Watching Disney movies, making a countdown calendar, watching ride videos are all fun ways to prepare for a vacation.  Even though Disney might be slightly different the excitement is still 100% alive.

Credit: Disney

Preparing for a vacation to Walt Disney World during a post-quarantine world is slightly different than what guests have done in the past.  With adjusted experience, new procedures and some unique requirements, guests will want to make sure they are prepared for these prior to heading down on their vacation.  Once they prepare, the magic will be waiting for them on their Walt Disney World vacation.

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