Horrified Crowds Watch as ‘Minnie Mouse’ Removes Her Head to Smoke Cigarette

Minnie Mouse smoking
Credit: Disney, Canva

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Talk about ruining the magic!

In a shocking and unexpected turn of events, a momentary breach of character integrity left the onlooking crowd in complete disbelief. Witnesses were left horrified as they observed a Minnie Mouse character performer discreetly stepping away from a performance to indulge in a smoke break. As the performer removed their iconic costume head, they revealed a human face that contradicted the magical illusion of Disney’s Minnie Mouse character.

Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland

Credit: Disney

A Not-so-Magical Surprise

Disney character performers are a vital component of the immersive experience that guests cherish at the Walt Disney Company’s theme parks around the world. These talented cast member performers dedicate themselves to embodying beloved Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and every Disney Princess. They undergo rigorous auditions and training to master not only the physicality and mannerisms of their characters but also to maintain a sense of anonymity and preserve the illusion of the magical world in which these characters reside.

With their roles’ intense schedules and demanding nature, it is unsurprising that performers may seek a momentary escape or release during their breaks. While it is understandable that they may want to relax and decompress, it is crucial for character performers to remember their responsibilities and the impact they have on the Disney Park guests’ experiences. Performers on Disney property maintain this level of professionalism, but performers outside of the Disney Parks are not always known to keep up the illusion.

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Minnie Mouse Disneyland Paris Halloween

Credit: Disney

In cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, people will dress up as iconic Disney characters in hopes of making “meet and greet” money off of Disney fans. Since these performers are not employed by Disney, they are not held to the same standards as cast members.

Smoking Minnie Gets Attention Online

In a shocking and somewhat comical video shared on X, fans can see a Minnie Mouse performer remove their costume head to enjoy a smoke break. The video appears to have been taken in Las Vegas, a place that is known for these unauthorized character performers.

While many fans find this video comical, others worry that this costumed character could severely traumatize young Disney fans walking past. What do you think?

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  1. This isn’t Disney related. It states it’s in Las Vegas. Disney has NO control over it. Kids shouldn’t be walking around the strip anyways.

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