Fired ABC News Anchors Returning to Host Together After Affair Scandal

TJ Homes and Amy Robach
Credit: ABC

You haven’t seen the last of the controversial ABC News duo, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes. The two hosts have been laying low ever since reports that they were in a relationship together became public late last year. While this would normally not have been a scandal, it made waves because both were married at the time of this revelation.

After ABC fired the two anchors, Robach and Holmes have been out of the limelight. However, the two are on the cusp of returning to hosting together.


Credit: ABC

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Cheating Scandal

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes did what they could to address the situation at the time. While they admitted to being together, they stressed that the relationship had not started until they were separated from their spouses.

ABC did little to interfere with the duo’s private lives at first. However, the scandal continued to get worse for the company, as reports surfaced that the two had lied about when they started dating and were involved in an affair that caused their marriages to end.

Amy Robach’s marriage to Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue did not officially end until March 2023. Furthermore, Tj Holmes’s divorce was finalized in October 2023, ending his marriage with Marilee Fiebig.

Amy Robach TJ Holmes

Credit: ABC

Fired From ABC

ABC suspended the controversial couple in December 2023 when their relationship became too volatile to ignore. At the time, the two co-hosted GMA3: What You Need to Know, a spinoff of Good Morning America.ย Insider knowledge alleged that the company was concerned that the two were ruining its image.

At first, ABC News President Kim Goodwin stated she did not believe the romance had violated any company rules.

I want to say that while the relationship is not a violation of company policy, I really have taken the last few days to think about and work through what I think is best for the ABC News organization. These decisions are not easy, they are not knee-jerk, but they are necessary for the brand and for our priority which, you guys know, are all of us โ€” the people here at ABC.

However, Holmes and Robach were officially fired in January 2023 after an investigation determined they did indeed violate company policy.

Amy Robach TJ Holmes

Credit: ABC

Holmes and Robach Podcast with iHeartMedia

However, Robach and Holmes still seem to be going strong. They have just signed a deal with iHeartMedia to co-host a podcast called Amy & T.J.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two will discuss “current events, pop culture, and more.” They will host and executive produce the podcast while working on other upcoming projects at iHeartPodcasts.

This is the first major return to media the couple has had since leaving ABC. Furthermore, reports indicate the two will speak openly for the first time about their controversial affair on the podcast.

Before this announcement, Holmes and Robach stayed quiet since they were let go from ABC. However, they did share the same post on Instagram to let fans know they were running in the New York City Marathon together. This was seen as confirmation that they were still going strong as a couple.

Will you be listening to the iHeartMedia podcast Amy and T.J.? What do you think of the controversial cheating scandal? Let us know in the comments below!

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