Hollywood Studios’s Most Popular Attraction Abandoned and Left to Deteriorate

Rise of the resistance galaxys edge
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios theme park is home to eight different areas, setting it apart from every other Disney Park in the resort. Between the theme park’s eight different neighborhoods, none is more iconic or immersive than Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Truly Takes the Cake In Hollywood Studios as Most Immersive Area

Kylo Ren Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

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Similarly to Animal Kingdom’s Pandora – The World of Avatar and Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter areas, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge takes guests directly into the universe of a beloved IP, giving them the chance to live out their own Star Wars story.

Galaxy’s Edge includes two iconic attractions, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, which gives guests the chance to pilot Han Solo’s iconic spaceship, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which is one of Walt Disney Imagineering’s most immersive and amazing attractions to date.

This Star Wars Attraction Is Currently One of Disney World’s Most Popular Rides

star wars rise of the resistance in star wars galaxy's edge

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Undoubtedly, Rise of the Resistance is one of the most popular Hollywood Studios rides, with some of the highest standby waits at any given time. This immersive experience is one of the theme park’s must-ride attractions, and many guests visit Hollywood Studios with the sole goal of experiencing it. So why is the Walt Disney Company leaving it to rot?

That’s not to say that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance isn’t still operating, because it definitely is! It’s just…slowly falling apart piece by piece with no signs of any repair or improvement.

If you think that sounds disheartening at best and downright heartbreaking at worst, you’re not alone. An anonymous fan recently visited the attraction and took to social media to discuss their frustrations:

So I’ve had the chance to ride Rise of the Resistance 4 times since November with my most recent ride being over Labor Day weekend. It seems that every time I go more and more things stop working as they should. The last ride I noticed the following: laser cannons not recoiling (this never worked on any of my rides), Kylo animatronic on bridge not turning to face riders while discussing their escape, cannons on AT-AT not rotating towards ride vehicle when spotted by storm troopers at controls, kylo animatronic not working near end of escape (ride in “B mode”). It’s still a fun ride but it’s kind of sad to see so many details breaking. Does anyone else notice this? Anyone that works in maintenance there know what the plan is?

The comments immediately filled with other anonymous guests who have had similar experiences regarding the groundbreaking attraction.

This Has Happened Before,  Unfortunately

Expedition Everest Disco Yeti

Credit: Disney

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This isn’t the first time an attraction’s effect has stopped working after debuting, only for the Walt Disney Company to abandon the effect entirely.

After all, Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest roller coaster’s grand finale consisted of a vast Yeti animatronic (one of the largest animatronics in theme park history) reaching out and clawing at guests.

However, the effect stopped working shortly after the attraction debuted and was never fixed. Unfortunately, it probably never will be, primarily because it would entail closing one of the Disney Resort’s most popular attractions for a few months at least.

baby yoda grogu animatronic star wars efx collectibles san diego comic con sound effects adorable arms eyes

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But the glaring difference is that it’s just one effect, while Hollywood Studios’s Rise of the Resistance attraction is made up of a ton of immersive effects, many of which no longer work or are simply inconsistent.

So, why is Disney abandoning Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance? Probably because the attraction’s got a long list of flaws and broken effects that need to be fixed, and the Walt Disney Company currently has very little time, money, and motivation to dedicate to fixing it.

Hopefully, Disney will give this fantastic attraction the time, love, and care it deserves someday. Until then, Rise of the Resistance is regretably doomed to continue deteriorating.

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