Highly-Requested Disneyland Attraction Makes Surprise Arrival at Walt Disney World Resort

A crowd of people walking toward a theme park entrance with a bridge overhead. In the background, there's a large, rocky, mountainous structure with a waterfall. Buildings and trees surround the area under a partly cloudy sky, perfectly setting the scene for discovering Disney Springs.
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There has been a long-forming beef between Walt Disney World Resort fans and the The Walt Disney Company over the attractions and offerings being brought into the Orlando, Florida resort. Many guests believe that the company has found a “favorite child” in the Disneyland Resort, meaning the California location has been given favorable new additions over Walt Disney World.

This phenomenon was made clear to many fans when a new surprise attraction was brought to Disneyland Resort just weeks ago. In the wake of this news, many Walt Disney World Resort fans pushed for the attraction to be brought to the East Coast as well. Now, weeks later, those wishes have been granted.

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Disney Springs Marketplace

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Attraction Makes Surprise Popup in Disney Springs

The much-anticipated arrival of the TARDIS attraction from Disneyland has finally come to fruition at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Disney Springs. Fans of the iconic blue time-traveling police box can now rejoice as they can experience this beloved attraction in a whole new location.

The surprise unveiling of the TARDIS at Disney Springs has sparked excitement among visitors, adding an extra element of magic to the resort’s already enchanting atmosphere. Disney Springs has truly outdone itself by bringing this highly-requested attraction to life, giving guests a taste of the whimsical adventures typically found in the Disneyland resort.

This attraction and photo-op come at the perfect time to celebrate the new season of Doctor Who on Disney+. Fans can gather to experience their own “cosmic joyride” now through June 3, when the TARDIS will be removed.

Disney Does It Again!

The addition of the TARDIS to Disney Springs further cements the resort as a hub of creativity and innovation, showcasing Disney’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages. This new attraction is a testament to Disney’s dedication to continuously evolving and surprising visitors with magical offerings. As guests wander through the vibrant streets of Disney Springs, they can now encounter the TARDIS, standing tall as a symbol of adventure and wonder.

Two stylish young people posing confidently, the man in a brown coat and the woman in a leather jacket and plaid skirt, against a luminous circle backdrop inspired by Doctor Who.

Credit: Disney+, BBC

While the attraction may be temporary, it is still wonderful to see more free attractions arrive in the area. With this and the new drone show coming to the area, it is clear that Disney Springs is well on its way to having a remarkable summer.

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