Aircraft Swarm Walt Disney World Resort; Disney Releases Statement

A detailed map of Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is partially obscured by a frosty layer that gives it a wintry appearance. The map outlines various themed sections such as theme parks, water parks, and entertainment complexes with notable landmarks, making you curious about the weather at Disney.
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One of the things that fans may notice when visiting Walt Disney World Resort is how calm and empty the skies are above the parks. It may be surprising for fans to learn that aircraft are not permitted to fly over the Disney Resort, as it is a designated no-fly zone.

Besides the occasional flight from Tinkerbell, the skies of Walt Disney World Resort are stereotypically very empty, which makes for quite a peaceful atmosphere. However, earlier this week, the skies received hundreds of new visitors in the form of small aircraft. Today, Disney issued a statement regarding the aircraft situation and explaining their origins.

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 Disney Spring

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Hundreds of Drones Arrive at Disney Springs

In a spectacular and unique sight, Disney has begun testing their new drone show, “Disney Dreams That Sour,” at Disney Springs. The show is set to debut in the shopping area on May 24, where it will continue performances twice a night through September 2.

“Disney Dreams That Soar,” presented by AT&T, is a groundbreaking and mesmerizing drone show that is set to truly captivate audiences at Disney Springs. This innovative nighttime spectacle serves as a testament to Disney’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and technological innovation.

A Stunning New Nighttime Spectacular

The show promises to transport spectators into a realm where dreams take flight, combining cutting-edge drone technology with the magic and wonder that Disney is celebrated for. As the drones gracefully fly through the night sky, intricate patterns and shapes are illuminated, painting a picturesque canvas overhead.

The seamless fusion of artistry and technology in Disney Dreams That Soar is a true reflection of the magic that defines the Walt Disney World experience. By leveraging state-of-the-art drone technology, Disney Dreams That Soar elevates the concept of storytelling to new heights, literally and figuratively.

disney springs banner

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It is wonderful that Disney has invested so much time and money into a free nighttime spectacular. This drone show truly looks amazing, and fans will be eager to see the 9-minute show in its full glory when it premiers later this month at Walt Disney World Resort.

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