Disney World Mulls Fireworks Removal After ‘Sensitive’ Parent Complaint

Disney Fireworks
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Walt Disney World Resort’s beloved fireworks shows could be in jeopardy as some parents complain that the nighttime spectaculars upset their children. One Disney cast member shared their experience with a sensitive parent on social media.

Fireworks entertain guests nightly at Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Disney’s Animal Kingdom doesn’t offer fireworks for the safety of its animal residents.) Currently performing shows include Happily Ever After over Cinderella Castle, Luminous The Symphony of Us over the World Showcase Lagoon, the Wonderful World of Animation at The Chinese Theater, and Fantasmic! at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater.

Concept art for Luminous The Symphony of Us

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The Walt Disney Company constantly surveys guests and values their input, which could put an end to Walt Disney World fireworks. According to Disney cast members, some parents insist the Central Florida Disney parks cancel nighttime entertainment to appease their children.

TikTok content creator Kelsey Conkling (@disneywithkels) recently acted out an encounter another Disney cast member shared with her. A man approached Disney cast members working in Fantasyland with an outrageous demand.


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“I sure hope you can help me because every other employee I’ve asked has told me no,” the man said. “Let me just ask you a question. This is the place where dreams come true, right?”

“We certainly do our best here at Walt Disney World to make everyone’s dream come true within reason and within possibility,” the Disney cast member replied.

“Okay, well, my son here, he is so scared of the fireworks,” the Disney Park guest said. “It’s his dream to not see or hear any fireworks. Can you guys just make them not happen?”

Mickey Mouse's gloves shoot glowing fireworks during Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Credit: Brittany DiCologero, Inside the Magic

The Disney cast member explained that they couldn’t cancel the fireworks show.

“I thought this was the place where dreams come true,” the guest argued. “He doesn’t like the fireworks, so it’s going to ruin our whole trip if he hears them.”

“We cannot just cancel the fireworks because one person doesn’t like them,” the cast member replied. “You are more than welcome to find an inside location. The fireworks are a little bit quieter in there.”

The updated Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

“You’re not hearing me,” the guest said. “It’s his dream to not see fireworks.”

“There are plenty of people here who’s dream it is to see fireworks,” the employee responded. “So, who are we to squash their dreams?”

Walt Disney World Resort hasn’t spoken publicly about a fireworks ban, but Walt Disney Imagineering has experimented with alternatives. The future of nighttime entertainment could lie in drone shows like “Disney Dreams That Soar,” which premieres at Disney Springs this summer. Other options include projection shows without pyrotechnics at the Chinese Theater, Spaceship Earth, and Cinderella Castle.

Should EPCOT, Magic Kingdom Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios cancel their fireworks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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  1. This parent should just leave the park before the fireworks start if his kid doesn’t like them. And I’d rather see fireworks then drones

    • Bruce Hellinga

      No. It’s part of Disney that you know before you go. Make other plans for you and your family, but please don’t ruin the fun for others.

    • My daughter has a partial hearing loss and loud sound really bother her. When she was young and we would visit the parks during the fireworks we would either go in the shops or leave before they started. Why RUIN it for others. If they stopped everything that people complained about they might as well close the parks. And mister, what about other kids dreams who want to see the fireworks. This is just getting out of hand. If you don’t like it, STAY HOME!!!!

  2. It’s my dream that idiots like that dad who cornered that poor lower level, non-decision making, cast member about a request that she would have zero control or influence over, would never come to any Disney park. It’s also a dream that the idiots easily offended by hearing the words “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” would also stop coming there.

  3. If you don’t like the fireworks, then leave before they start. Judging by the crowds the fireworks are loved by many. Drones are alright but they are not fireworks. Another option for people/kids that don’t like the boom is use noise cancelling headphones.

  4. Martha Lynn Schulz

    When there are millions of people who like fireworks why should one person be able to cancel the fireworks. Just take the child out of the park before the fireworks start. I’ve know lots of children who didn’t like fireworks and their parents just kept them away.

  5. joe craparotta

    so it’s NOT all about YOU and your child… My suggestion is to leave the park BEFORE the fireworks….

  6. Nobody can be so dumb and entitled to demand they cancel the fireworks for one person

  7. Absolutely not. If your child doesn’t like fireworks, then take them to a place where they don’ t have to hear or see them. Why should we be deprived the show just because your child doesn’t want to see it! The best I’ve ever seen. Why should I not be able to experience them.. That’s my dream.

  8. Absolutely not,if a child doesn’t like fireworks, leave before they start,simple as that

  9. This is a great and fun experience and one of the main reasons I go to the parks. I love the firework show. One person should not be able to have it cancelled to appease an unreasonable request. The fireworks show is part of the Disneyworld experience and this parent should have already known this is a nightly event when weather conditions are in line with the safety guidelines Walt Disney World has in place.

  10. Janice Fishbough

    1. The guy is an idiot.
    2. CM said within reason and possibility. It’s not.
    3. My kid is terrified of, was terrified of them as well. So are a lot of petiole with PTSD – like our Veterans. They either leave or wear headphones.

    So, in conclusion, this is a blankety blank blank dad who is trying to ask for the impossible when all he has to do is leave the parks before the show or go on an indoor ride!

    The end 😎

  11. Better ban the 4th of July then to stop fireworks. 🙄

  12. Suck it up buttercup. You knew before going that there is a fireworks display every night. Thousands of people want to see the fireworks!

  13. Ban the fireworks and reduce the price of park tickets with the saved money every night. Fireworks are a total waste of money. Save them for the 4th of July celebration if really need be

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