Heartbreaking Viral Disney Video Ignites “Justice for Geppetto” Campaign

Credit: Disney

Geppetto, as portrayed in the classic Disney movie Pinocchio, is a kind and whimsical old woodcarver who creates a wooden puppet that magically comes to life. This endearing character, who longs for a son of his own, is brought to life by the Blue Fairy after Geppetto makes a wish on a star. Throughout the story, Geppetto showcases the power of love and the desire for companionship, exemplifying a father figure who cares deeply for his creation. His character represents the timeless theme of a parental bond and the unconditional love one can have for a child.

While movie fans love this character, there is no doubt that his popularity has decreased as the film has gotten older.

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Credit: Disney

Fans Take Pity on Often Forgotten Film Character

Geppetto’s character not only serves as a central figure in Pinocchio but also stands as a symbol of love, perseverance, and the enduring bond between a parent and child. His story reminds us of the power of dreams, the importance of family, and the beauty of seeing our loved ones grow and thrive. Geppetto’s legacy as a kind-hearted creator and devoted father lives on through generations, leaving a lasting impression on those who have been touched by his endearing tale of love and transformation.

While there is no doubt that Geppetto has had a huge impact on many Disney fans, the fact of the matter is that this character no longer receives the love and attention that he once did. A recent viral TikTok drew attention to this fact by sharing Geppetto sulking alone while no guest stopped to interact with him.


Geppeto was waiting to meet guests in the rain, but no one stopped to show him love. 🥺 Many hugs to him! Thank you to the Cast Members who continuously make the magic happen 🫶💚🌧️ #disneyland #pinocchio #disney #rainyday #rain #castmember #thankyou

♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS


A Happy Ending

This video is absolutely devastating, but fortunately, there is a happy ending. Due to the massive attention this video received, fans are going out of their way to appreciate this iconic character. The “Justice for Geppetto” movement has gained major traction within the parks, with guests stopping to say hello to the character.


Giving love to Geopetto! We found him and he was so very happy to have gotten a gift from the Quack Pack! #disney #disneyland #pinocchio #geppetto

♬ original sound – DannyMcDuck

We are so overjoyed to see this story have such a happy ending as this one. In order to keep these characters active in the parks, we must show Disney that we appreciate their presence!

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