Head Surfaces in Disney World Lake, Guests In Tears

walt disney world magic kingdom lake rare otter sighting in water Guests cry in video
Credit: @lena.rose41/ TikTok

Two Guests expecting magic and excitement on their trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida got more than they bargained for this week. LenaRose and her girlfriend were enjoying their daytime trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park when they spotted something out of the ordinary. Popping in and out of the water in one Magic Kingdom lake off of Main Street, near the front of Crystal Palace, was a small head.

LenaRose’s girlfriend almost immediately broke into tears upon realizing what was in the lake, and LenaRose quickly pulled out her camera to record the incident for social media. It’s a little difficult to make out, but she posted their story to her TikTok account, and the comments and views came in quickly…

walt disney world magic kingdom lake rare otter sighting in water Guests cry in video

Credit: @lena.rose41/ TikTok

Disney World is known for its variety of exotic animals in residence at its Animal Kingdom theme park, but Magic Kingdom, too, has a recent animal addition that most people might not know about. Have you heard of Bubbles, the rarely spotted Magic Kingdom otter? Well, she’s an elusive lady, and Disney fans are absolutely in love with her. In LenaRose’s video, Bubbles’ head pops through the surface of the Magic Kingdom lake, and the tears flow.

In this “rare siting of the Magic Kingdom otter,” LenaRose’s girlfriend expresses her love for the little creature. She says, “Oh my god, I’m so happy right now. He’s so cute! I love him so much. I want to hold him and pet him.”

walt disney world magic kingdom lake rare otter sighting in water Guests cry in video

Credit: M&R Glasgow/ Flickr

Jungle Cruise Cast Members clarified in the comments that Bubbles is, in fact, a girl otter who actually has a few otter pups! One Cast Member shares that they “see her backstage in [the] river all the time.” Another Cast Member named Kristy recognizes Bubbles by name as well, saying, “She hasn’t been relocated yet because she has babies, and they’re waiting til they’re bigger to move them all.”

Most Guests didn’t even know an otter was living at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and were thrilled at the sighting. The official Disney Parks TikTok account even commented! It wrote, “We support your feels.”

Guests should watch the water for Bubbles when passing any Magic Kingdom lake before she and her pups can be relocated to a more suitable habitat. See LenaRose’s video here!


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