Have Disney World Tourists Forgotten That Locals Exist?

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Walt Disney World Resort currently operates like its own major city, and that comes as no surprise. After all, the entirety of Walt Disney World Resort is the size of a city.

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Credit: Disney

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Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Disney Springs, and a myriad of Resort hotels make up the Central Florida Resort.

With so much property, it can be easy to become stuck inside what’s known as the Disney Bubble.

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Walt Disney World

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Essentially, the Disney Bubble refers to how Disney keeps Guests and Cast Members alike focused on the company with subliminal messaging once they’ve set foot onto Walt Disney World Property.

Even when driving on the highways within Walt Disney World, the signs are made with different colors, the Disney busses are always running, and Hidden Mickeys litter the property.

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In short, once you’ve set foot onto Walt Disney World Resort property, it can feel like you’ve been swept away to another world, and it’s purposefully designed that way.

As a result, it can be incredibly easy to forget that there’s a major city operating right outside the gates of Walt Disney World. One Guest took to social media to ask if those living in Orlando “hang out” in Disney Springs, proving just how easy it is to forget that locals are visiting Disney World every day as well:

Do locals go to Disney Springs just to "hang out?"
by u/Photog1981 in DisneyWorld

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The comments replying to this post are a mixed bag, but the majority confirm that Orlando locals are also spending time in Disney Springs, Disney Parks, and even Resort hotels from time to time. After all, those Florida Resident deals can be an absolute steal sometimes!

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