Guests SHUT DOWN Splash Mountain After STRIPPING Down and SWIMMING in the Water

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Credit: Disney

This might be some of the worst Guest behavior seen to date.

If you have visited Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, you will know that they both take the safety of their Guests very seriously. To ensure that Disney Parks stay open and running for many years to come, Disney has to be very strict when implementing their safety guidelines.

Most of the time, Guests have no problem following orders and listening to Cast Members. However, the past year has shown a dramatic uptick in bad Guest behavior within the Parks.

It has been reported that a group of teenagers caused a major commotion at the Splash Mountain ride when they decided to strip down and get inside the water.

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Splash Mountain Log


Inappropriate Guest Behavior Leads to Major Delays

Disney has a Guest problem.

It is apparent to every Disney Parks fan that the behavior of some Guests has gotten out of control. Ever since Walt Disney World and Disneyland reopened to the public after the Covid-19 lockdowns, the number of Guests related incidents has skyrocketed. However, this latest stunt may be one of the worst we have heard all year.

A shocking report has just come from Disneyland Park that has sent waves throughout the Disney community. It is being reported that Cast Members caught a group of young men after going for a swim at Disneyland’s Splash Mountain. A Guest who caught wind of the occurrence shared the story on social media. The Guest explained that the Splash Mountain attraction had to be closed for an hour after a group of boys removed their shirts and got in the ride’s water. According to the Guest, this led to the ride shutting down for an hour.

Fantasyland at Disneyland

Credit: Disney

The full post says;

” These a**holes took off their shirts n’ got in the water on Splash Mountain. The wait time was 80 minutes, we were up next when they had to shut the entire ride down for hour minimum! They were laughing n’ cussing at CM’s n’ security. Now I’m on haunted Mansion and we are being walked off since they are powering it down FML.”

Splash Mountain Situation Causes Closures

One thing is for sure; this situation is anything but funny. This group’s irresponsible behavior is reportedly why many Guests were stuck waiting in prolonged and unnecessary lines. The post has made waves in the Disneyland Resort Reddit, where the community discusses what could have gone down.

Splash mountain thugs
by u/IslandBoi4 in Disneyland

This entire situation is incredibly messy. So far, no one else has been able to back this story up beside the original poster. Now information on what happened to the group has been revealed, but it can probably be assumed that they were asked to leave the Park.

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