Guests Rope-Dropping Hollywood Studios Were Severely Disappointedā€¦

hollywood studios entrance
Credit: Disney

When it comes to staying on Walt Disney World Resort property, one of the best privileges by far is rope-dropping. Rope-dropping gives Guests the best chance at enjoying the most popular attractions before the lines get unbearably long.

However, the Guests who got to Hollywood Studios early enough for rope-dropping this morning were severely disappointed when they saw that two of the Disney Parkā€™s best attractions were down.

hollywood studios entrance

Credit: Disney

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The theme parkā€™s newest attraction, Mickey and Minnieā€™s Runaway Railway, was listed as ā€˜Temporarily Closedā€™ this morning right as Hollywood Studios opened.

temporarily closed

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Mickey and Minnieā€™s Runaway Railway is located in Hollywood Studiosā€™ Hollywood Boulevard area in the Chinese Theater replica. Itā€™s categorized by the revolutionary visual technology used, which consists of a fantastic combination of visual and practical effects.

However, the closure was genuinely temporary, and it only lasted for approximately an hour. That being said, as soon as the ride was up and running again, the line quickly grew, ruining any chance the rope droppers had!

temporarily closed

Credit: Walt Disney World Mobile App

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Over in Toy Story Land, the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster was also listed as ā€˜Temporarily Closedā€™ when the Disney Park opened this morning.

Slinky Dog Dash is an exciting thrill ride full of fun twists, turns, and drops! Like Mickey and Minnieā€™s Runaway Railway, the closure also lasted approximately an hour and is currently hosting incredibly long lines (at the time of this articleā€™s publication).

Minckey & Minnie Picnic Scene

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At the time of this articleā€™s publication, both Mickey and Minnieā€™s Runaway Railway and Slinky Dog Dash are up and running, with no signs of slowing down again. All’s well that ends well in Walt Disney World!

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