Guests Injured As Glass Orb Falls From Ceiling and Crashes In Ride Queue

Little Mermaid Broken glass
Credit: (L) Disney/(R) itsaustindoes Twitter

No one likes waiting in line — especially a long one. Unfortunately, it’s something that is pretty much unavoidable when you visit a Disney theme park. Disney knows that you will have to wait, but they want to make your wait as enjoyable as possible. That’s why Disney has created some truly incredible queues for its rides. You can play games while waiting for Space Mountain and try to solve a murder while waiting for The Haunted Mansion. The ride queues are full of small details that can make any line more interesting.

Disney World Haunted Mansion queue

Credit: Haunted Mansion Wiki

While Guests may expect to see a lot of incredible pieces in all of the ride queues, they do not expect those pieces to crash around them. But that is exactly what happened to Guests who were waiting to ride Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom Park. In that attraction queue, glass orbs hang from ropes above the Guests. One of those glass orbs came out of the rope and crashed to the ground, sending shards everywhere and injuring some of the Guests.

"Kiss the Girl" Scene

Credit: Disney

Twitter user Austin (@itsaustindoes) was in line at the time and took pictures of the glass all over the ground. He also shared a picture of the rope that the orb was in, and it appears as though the rope broke.

Just watched this glass orb in the Little Mermaid queue fall out the rope and shatter all across the ground. A good amount of people had minor cuts. Didn’t see if it just straight up broke or if someone was playing with it. Guests are walking around the glass waiting for a CM.

Sadly, this is not the first problem Journey of The Little Mermaid has experienced recently. Not too long ago, a fire — reportedly caused by fireworks going off at Magic Kingdom — broke out and Guests saw smoke and flames rising from the ride. Luckily, the fire was put out quickly. No major damage was done, and the ride was up and operating normally the next day.

Little Mermaid Fire

Credit: CD Howard Twitter

While several Guests were injured by flying glass, it thankfully looks like none of the injuries were serious. If you ever find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation at a Disney theme park, be sure to alert a Cast Member. If you, like these Guests, are near an area full of broken glass, do not try to help clean up the mess yourself. Cast Members have the tools necessary to safely clean up such a mess, and they don’t want Guests to risk injuring themselves further.

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