Guests Incredibly Frustrated at Disney For This Huge Mistakeā€¦

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When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, it’s impossible to be bored! Whether relaxing at a Disney Resort hotel or visiting one of the fantastic Disney Parks, there’s always something to do.

Not only do each of the Disney Parks offer fantastic attractions and world-class entertainment, but there are also themed eatery options and an endless array of shopping.

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Shopping is easily one of the most exciting aspects of a Disney vacation. It’s super fun to browse all of the Disney merchandise, select the perfect souvenir, and show it off once it’s yours!

So it comes as a huge surprise to hear that the Walt Disney Company has dropped the ball regarding the merchandise available in Disney Parks. But fans have been underwhelmed with this massive aspect of the Disney vacation for years. Particularly with the pin selections:

Is anyone else really frustrated with the current pin selection (or lack thereof) in the parks?
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In the pre-pandemic era, pin trading was a huge part of visiting the Disney Parks. Nowadays, however, any Disney fan will tell you that modern-day pin trading is nowhere near as interesting, authentic, or fun as it used to be.

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One fan argues that the quality of all Disney merchandise has gone down significantly since the days of the pandemic:

“Merch in general went down the tubes during the pandemic, and has by and large become way more generic and cheap. The stores have all the same stuff. Hopefully that’s next on the Iger agenda to restore to a better state.”

Another fan pointed out that the merchandise is exactly the same in Disney Springs as it is in the Disney Parks:

“The pins and merch [suck] now! I didnā€™t buy anything at Emporium wanting to wait until World of Disney only to find all the same stuff.”

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Will Disney merchandise and pin trading ever return to its golden age? Unfortunately, only time will tell. While merchandise and products are a large part of the Walt Disney Company’s operation, it’s ultimately not one of the most critical priorities.

And while we’re years away from the pandemic, it cannot be denied that many aspects of Walt Disney World’s operations are still being affected. We shouldn’t expect the merchandise to improve until the more essential parts of operations return to normal.

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