Guest Left Baffled After Finding a Screw in Their Frozen Lemonade

Nail in Lemonade
Credit: Disney and Reddit user u/Hubu32

Do not fear; no one was harmed!

Something quite strange happened to a Guest and their son who were visiting the Parks recently. In the hot Florida heat, everyone loves cooling off with a refreshing frozen treat. However, this Guest was not expecting “extra iron” to come with their dessert. The Guest posted the occurrence to the Walt Disney World Reddit page, where other Disney fans weighed in on the peculiar occurrence. #NailGate is born!

DOLE Whip Pineapple Float

Credit: Disney


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Reddit Post Leaves Fans Questioning “How?”

This is definitely not something you see every day. When visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, you cannot miss out on the delicious treats for sale throughout the Parks. Most die-hard Disney fans have a favorite treat. Whether it is a Dole Whip, a churro, or some popcorn, any choice is valid at the Walt Disney World Parks. Reddit user u/Hubu32 was enjoying a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park with their son when they decided to purchase a delicious Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade. Little did they know they would be getting an extra (unwanted) treat with it!

animal kingdom entrance

Credit: Disney

When purchasing the lemonade, the son noticed a nail sticking out the side of his carton. He exclaimed, “Dad mine has a nail in it.” The whole crew, Cast Members included, were “shocked” by this occurrence. The issue seemed to be resolved quickly, the poster explained that the Cast Member “immediately gave him a new one.”

Clearly, the parent and son had a sense of humor about the situation. They posted a photo of the lemonade to Reddit, captioning it “Frozen Lemonade Now with extra Iron.”

Frozen Lemonade Now with extra Iron
by u/Hubu32 in WaltDisneyWorld

Other users in the comments began to question how this possibly could have happened. One user u/ITrCool suggests, “My only guess is someone got a little trigger happy with the nail gun and the pallet these came on when they were shipped in from Minute Maid.”

This seems to be the most likely reason. We are glad that no one was hurt by this and that we can all have a laugh at this bizarre Walt Disney World occurrence.

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