Panic-Stricken Guest Jumps Out of Boat at Splash Mountain Ride

disneyland splash mountain attraction
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A panic-stricken Guest took her life in her hands as she jumped out of the ride vehicle at Disney’s Splash Mountain attraction.

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disneyland splash mountain

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For most Guests, a trip to a Disney Park is an entirely magical one, allowing them to leave behind the stresses and concerns of life in the real world, exchanging them for the excitement and childhood joy brought about by boarding a favorite ride, enjoying a Broadway-style stage show, greeting beloved Disney characters, and creating brand-new memories with family and friends. It’s what makes visiting a Disney park less of a mere vacation and more of a magical experience.

Since 1955 when Walt Disney opened his first park, Guests have been checking their troubles at the gates and stepping into a magical world away from the real world. Over the years, millions upon millions of fears, challenges, and stresses have been quelled by the magic and excitement of a visit to a Disney Park, but that isn’t always the case. For all its charm and power, there are some things even Disney magic can’t soothe away completely, as evidenced by the behavior of a Guest aboard the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland over the weekend.

The iconic Splash Mountain attraction opened at Disneyland Park on July 17, 1989, and was an immediate favorite with parkgoers. But like its Walt Disney World counterpart, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain attraction fell prey to the outcry of some over the film that inspired the ride, and in June 2020, Disney Parks announced plans for the Splash Mountain attraction at both U. S. Disney Parks to undergo complete overhauls that would result in a brand-new ride experience, this time inspired by Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (2009). In 2022, fans learned the name of the new ride: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

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But a majority of Guests did not take issue with the ride, citing the absence of any mentions of controversial topics or references in the experience, and in recent days, scores of Splash Mountain fans had been flocking to the attraction at Disneyland, hoping to experience the excitement and thrills of the Guest-favorite log flume ride one last time and bid farewell to their friends in the Briar Patch before the ride finally closed forever on Tuesday.

In a video clip posted online by Fatima Yusuf Wright, a woman appears to have jumped from the ride vehicle at Disneyland’s Splash Mountain attraction. The video shows different areas of the Guest-favorite log flume ride at Disney’s first park, including the red rock formations and rock walls that are trademarks of the iconic attraction.

“What the hell?” a man suddenly shouts, and for a few seconds, it’s unclear what he has seen, but as the video continues, the log flume continues its path along the carved-out waterways of the ride, and a young woman can be seen to the right of the waterway. She’s clearly distressed.

woman jumps out of log flume at disneyland splash mountain

Credit: Fatima Yusuf Wright/TikTok

The woman recording the video clip calls out to her, “What are you doing?” and the young woman replies, “I just can’t; I’m about to have a panic attack!” She then disappears as she descends down a staircase in front of her. It’s unclear whether she knew where to find an exit, as she’s not seen again for the remainder of the clip, which lasts just over one minute.

The young woman in question disembarked the ride vehicle that was in line ahead of the log flume where the woman was seated while she recorded the video clip. It’s important to note that the distressed Guest who left her ride vehicle appeared very upset, troubled, and anxious as she flailed her hands when explaining to the other riders that she was about to have a panic attack. It’s also important to stress how dangerous such a move was, even in light of the young woman’s panic.

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From the video, it’s impossible to tell how the young woman faired after the event, but when she appears in the clip, she doesn’t seem to be hurt, but she’s very obviously troubled and perhaps traumatized by the prospect of continuing the ride experience. 

@fatimamusic786 This happened this weekend on Splash Mountain! We can say for certain that we will never see that again on Splash Mountain! ? #disney #disneyland #splashmountain #crittercountry #panicattack #stuckonride #fypă‚· #fyp #tiktok #viral #foryoupage #foryou #adventure #alwayshappens #rare ♬ original sound – Fatima Yusuf Wright

The video continues in a different location aboard the ride, and the attraction had stalled, presumably because of the Guest who disembarked the log flume. Here’s hoping she was able to leave the area and find the help and relief she needed.

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