“Grow Up!”: Influencer Bullied Over Her Tearful And “Overdramatic” Disney Park Review

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Credit: Disney and @tho_ph25 on TikTok

Emotions are a very typical thing for many of the millions of fans who make the trip to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort every year. The magic and atmosphere of Disney can be very moving and bring up some big emotions for a lot of Guests. For many fans, tears start to flow during fireworks or a character meet and greet.

However, one influencer’s tearful social media vlog at Disney has left many fans feeling annoyed and irritated by her “overdramatic” emotional response.

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Influencer Posts Tearful Disney Vlog

While crying at Disney is pretty standard, many fans think that one influencer’s reason for crying was not legitimate. TikTok user @tho_ph25 is usually known for being a fashion content creator for her 214,300 followers. However, she recently took a trip to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, where she decided to vlog her experience for her followers. The video, which she captioned, “Pls tell me I am not the only one who cried in Disneyland,” went viral.

The video starts out normal enough, with the vlogger posting about a day in the life at Disneyland Theme Park. Her day takes a turn for the worst when her followers recommend that she goes on the ride, Space Mountain. She is clearly terrified of the roller coaster and walks off the ride sobbing.

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space. mountain

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Is This Review Valid?

This is where fans get confused. Instead of redirecting her day to go on less intense rides, this vlogger continues to go on thrilling rides and continues to cry for pretty much the remainder of the video.


Pls tell me I am not the only one who cried in Disneyland 🙂#disneyland #disneylandvlog #travelvlogs #disneylandrides

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The video, which was over 50,000 likes, has left many viewers feeling irritated. Disney fans don’t understand why she was posting a negative review for the Parks when it was her decision to go on the more intense rides.

Tensions between Disney fans and social media influencers have been high this year already, and it seems that the Disney community is done with hearing Park slander from content creators like @tho_ph25.

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