Golden Oak Outpost Review

Golden Oak Outpost Review


Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland is home of all things wild and adventurous, and it’s often noted for having some of the park’s best rides, with favorites like Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and Jungle Cruise. But, what about the food? Well, let’s just say Disney does a good job of keeping their themes consistent, and Golden Oak Outpost is mighty fine proof of that.

Tucked between the rambunctious rumpus of Tortuga and the mighty rapids of Splash Mountain, Golden Oak Outpost acts as a gateway for adventurers of all types to come and stock up on grub before journeying on. The log cabin on the outskirts of Frontierland is certainly more than it seems, filling the bellies of weary travelers who just need a bit of meat to keep on moving. Good old Golden Oak Outpost delivers, and they do so with a western flair no cowboy could refuse.

No matter which direction you are riding in from, you’ll see the outpost. We took a quick boat trip through the jungle as well as one through the Caribbean, and while getting your land legs back, we stumbled right upon it. And it was lucky we did, because we were famished. Though the menu didn’t seem too filled with all the splendors of some other eateries in the park, Golden Oak Outpost banks on a crowd-pleasing favorite: Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. They also have a chicken sandwich, which seemed to be ordered far less frequently than the nuggets, so we decided those succulent little bites must be the way to go.

Crunchy, juicy, saucy, and just plain delicious are a few ways one could describe Disney chicken nuggets. These aren’t your fast food quality nuggets. These are made with real chicken expertly dipped in batter and fried. The crunch is fantastic without cutting your mouth or breaking your teeth, and the fries are the classically thick and hot potato fries you can always expect from Disney, even in quick service. Overall, it was a beautifully executed take on a traditional theme park dish, and it came at the moderate price of $7.99, which far beats the $10 and $12 some other quick service stations charge for similar dishes.

In addition to the chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches, this quick service stop offers desserts like carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cake. It’s also not a bad place to grab a drink if you are passing by and in need.

While it’s true that there aren’t too many different dishes provided at Golden Oak Outpost, the fact that they serve a dish most people, especially kids, adore really brings them to the top of the list of quick service spots in the area. It can be a long journey making your way around Magic Kingdom, so why not set up camp for a bit and take advantage of Golden Oak Outpost?

Food: Golden Oak Outpost specializes in everyone’s favorite: Chicken Fingers and Fries. Chicken is the main draw to this quick service location, but while it’s true there isn’t much variety to the menu, they do make up for it with dessert options!

Atmosphere: While the menu here is fairly specialized, it is perfect for dining on the go or giving your feet a rest. There is a frontier-style seating area and the surrounding area only adds to the ambiance. From the roar of Splash Mountain to the marching marauders patrolling Pirates of the Caribbean, the sights and sounds around Golden Oak Outpost make it quite an enjoyable and enthralling experience.

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Service: As always, the cast members were happy, helpful, and just plain nice to order from. They were quick and happily answered any questions we had.

Tips: This is a great place to catch the end of the parade that run through Frontierland, so grab a snack and a spot in line, and enjoy the celebration! If it’s not parade time, Pirates of the Caribbean is right around the corner and never has a line!\

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