Giant BEANSTALK Seen Sprouting at Disney Theme Park

Beanstalk Mikey's Toontown
Credit: Disney, Canva

In an exciting turn of events, there is brand new and highly magical foliage sprouting over at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Earlier this year, guests were delighted to see the newly reimagined Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park. This iconic area received a major facelift in nearly every aspect of the land. For months, fans have been enjoying what they presumed to be more or less the completed version of the park. Now, with new construction walls put up, we know that that is not the case.

new toontown

Credit: Disney

Construction Begins on New Toontown Addition

Toontown at Disneyland Resort has been delighting guests with an exciting and captivating expansion that is sure to leave visitors in awe. As the home of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Roger Rabbit, the reimagined Mickey’s Toontown is truly a sight to see. Imagine walking through the colorful and whimsical streets of this beloved land, only to discover a magnificent giant beanstalk taking shape near one of the land’s major attractions. This awe-inspiring addition serves as one of the final touches on the recently opened new section, offering an even more immersive experience for guests who come here to play.

The construction of the giant beanstalk has become a bit of a spectacle in itself, drawing the attention of both young and old alike. As it gradually rises towards the sky, it not only adds a touch of visual splendor but also enhances the overall atmosphere of Toontown. This impressive addition perfectly complements the vibrant and larger-than-life nature of the land, truly capturing the essence of Disney magic.

The beanstalk, when completed, will appear to come out of the El CapiTOON Theatre. When completed, the beanstalk will appear to grow from inside the ride’s queue. This exciting new addition will truly add to the immersive landscape above Mickey’s Toontown.

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The Fun’s Not Over Yet!

As guests explore Toontown, they will find themselves surrounded by the whimsy and charm of their favorite cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse and his friends have made Toontown their home, and guests have the unique opportunity to step into their world and experience their stories firsthand. By incorporating the giant beanstalk, Disneyland Resort has succeeded in making the already magical Toontown even more enchanting.

This new addition to Toontown demonstrates Disneyland Resort’s commitment to continuously enhancing the Disney Park experience. By constantly innovating and expanding beloved attractions to Disneyland Park, they ensure that every visit to Mickey Mouse’s Toontown is a unique and unforgettable adventure. The giant beanstalk is just one example of how Disneyland Resort embraces the spirit of imagination and storytelling, allowing theme park guests to create lasting memories with their favorite characters.

toontown perfect picnic items basket and blanket on grass

Credit: Disney

As of now, we are unsure of just how long this project will take for Walt Disney Imagineering to reach completion. Right now, the beanstalk’s progress is being hidden behind construction walls on top of the El Capitoon theatre, but when it is completed, it will truly be a sight to see.

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