New Toontown Attraction is a Huge Letdown

Toontown fail
Credit: Disney and Peter Sciretta

This is honestly a pretty embarrassing moment for Disney.

The newly reimagined Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland is finally welcoming new Guests this weekend. Parkgoers have been waiting to see the land for a year now, and the anticipation has been building. Now that Guests are finally able to explore the new land, the feedback has begun to roll in. Most fans love the land and think it is imaginative and creative. However, one attraction in the land is a massive failure for the Park and for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Mickey's ToonTown

Credit: Disney

New Toontown Reviews Arrive

The new Toontown reimagination has taken a long time to complete because of what a big project it really was. Walt Disney Imagineers wanted to pay homage to the original Toontown land, which opened in 1993. Certain structures, including Mickey and Minnie’s houses, will remain the same with just some touch-ups.

Other parts of the land will be getting bigger changes. New meet and greets are coming to the land, as well as some new attractions. The new and improved Toontown has water elements, gorgeous foliage, and plenty of relaxing areas. One of the main complaints about the old Toontown was the lack of accessibility and the overstimulating setting. The new Toontown is much more accessible and is more “visually and auditorily approachable for kids who are easily overwhelmed by loud or bright sensory stimuli.”

Overall the new land seems great, but one major element has completely missed the mark.

toontown cast members pose in colorful costumes in front of city hall

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney Imagineering Misses the Mark

The focal centerpiece of the Toontown land is the Dreaming tree. The tree is supposed t ve inspired by the tree that Walt Disney himself used to daydream under as a child. Concept art for the Dreaming tree shows it to be a gorgeous and full tree.

Guests arriving at the land today were shocked to see the Dreaming Tree in real life. The Disney Dreaming Tree looks embarrassing in comparison. Disneyland fanatic Peter Sciretta took to Twitter to poke fun at Disney’s failure.

While the Dreaming Tree is definitely a letdown, the rest of the Land does seem amazing so far. Who knows? Maybe the tree will one day grow to be extravagant and gorgeous.

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