‘Frozen’ Voice Actress Found Dead at 35 Years Old

Anna and Olaf
Credit: Disney

Sad news to report as we have learned that Sayaka Kanda, the Frozen actress who voiced Anna in the Japanese dubbed version of Disney’s Frozen has died.

Frozen's Anna and Elsa
Credit: Disney

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The Japanese actress, Sayaka Kanda is known for many voice-over roles including Idoly Pride, Star Blazers 2202, and Convenience Store Boyfriends. She recently voiced Princess Anna in the Japanese dubbed version of Disney’s Frozen and was to appear in the upcoming April 2022 production of Galaxy Express 999.

Credti: @sayakakanda

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According to a report by People, Sayaka was found unconscious on Saturday afternoon, lying in an outdoor space at the hotel she was staying at. The voice-actress/singer died after being transported to the hospital. Police are investigating her death as a “probable suicide” but are not ruling out foul play. 

A message was posted on Sayaka’s website by Mitsuhisa Kamoike, CEO of L’aube Inc. which translates to:

Thank you for your continued support of us and Sayaka Kanda. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Kanda for his warm words since the last report, including his support so far.

Today, I would like to report that the family held a funeral in the form of a secret burial at the request of relatives.

As a result of detailed examination by the police, it was reported that there was no incident and that the cause of death was polytrauma shock due to the fall. Regarding the cause of the fall, we would like to refrain from disclosing it in consideration of the honor of Kanda himself and the influence on the people around him, and we would appreciate it if you could include it.

Although we are confused by the sudden farewell to Kanda, we face that fact and take the responsibility of not being able to protect Kanda seriously.

At the same time as various reports have been made regarding the death of Kanda, we have received some concerns. We apologize for this situation.

In addition, please refrain from posting articles related to the privacy of relatives and friends, excessive coverage, and unfounded slander on the Internet.

Mitsuhisa Kamoike, CEO of L’aube Inc.

Anna in Frozen
Credit: Disney

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Sayaka was currently performing in the musical My Fair Lady in which she attended Friday’s rehearsal but did not show up for the Saturday performance. She was 35 years old.

Our thoughts are with the Kanda family during this difficult time.

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