Holy Guacamole! This Disney Treat Is A Delightful Surprise

Frozen Guacamole
Credit: Disney

When it comes to food at Disney Parks, there are almost too many delicious options to choose from. From great classics like Dole Whips and Mickey pretzels to more unique options like the Grey Stuff and cheeseburger spring rolls. Then, there are some dining options that are just so weird, you wonder who came up with such a dish? For example, at this year’s Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure Park, one booth is offering PB&J mac and cheese. Adventurous eaters will find themselves unable to resist trying it.

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PB&J macaroni and cheese

Credit: Disney

Well, the peanut butter and jelly mac and cheese isn’t the only unique dish being offered at this year’s festival. If you head on over to the festival marketplace booth called Avocado Time, you will see Frozen Guacamole on the menu. It looks like an ice cream bar topped with savory offerings.

Now, let me be upfront. Will I order guacamole when I go into a restaurant? Not usually. I don’t dislike it, I just never crave it. I think avocados are okay, which sometimes is a minority opinion in California. Many Californians treat avocados as a way of life.

Tortilla Jo's Guacamole

Credit: Tortilla Jo’s

I was hesitant about getting the frozen guacamole at Avocado Time. A savory dish in the form of what is usually a sweet treat is not something I was champing at the bit to try. The day I visited Disneyland Resort was a warm one, so I figured, no better time to try a frozen snack than on a hot day. And boy am I glad I took the leap!

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The Frozen Guacamole is basically an avocado popsicle topped with all of the ingredients that go into the savory snack. The pop is topped with pico de gallo — which is tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime — and lime crema. There is also the surprise addition of crushed-up corn chips. All of those ingredients combine to make one surprisingly delicious bite.

Frozen Guacamole

Credit: DisneyDining.com Krysten S.

The frozen pop itself wasn’t teeming with flavor. And the lime crema by itself bordered on too tart. However, that first bite I had that had the pico, pop, and corn chips on it made my taste buds dance. I was shocked at just how good it was. There could not have been a more accurate name to this dish than Frozen Guacamole. Eating all the pieces of the dish together left no doubt in your mind as to what it was — incredibly good guac.

Frozen Guacamole

Credit: DisneyDining.com Krysten S.

If you plan on visiting Disneyland Resort for the Food and Wine Festival, this is definitely a dish I recommend — especially if it is a hot day. Guacamole fans will find this dish hits all the right notes. It is a truly great spin on a classic snack.

Have you tried Disney’s frozen guacamole? What did you think?

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