Florida’s New PERMITLESS Gun Laws Deter Fans From Vacationing at Walt Disney World

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Once again, Walt Disney World and the Florida Government are finding themselves butting heads. 

Right now, gun control is one of the most controversial and divisive topics in our country. Many Americans feel that harsher gun control laws are needed in this country after the numerous school shootings we’ve seen in the last decade. People feel so strongly about this topic that they are willing to alter their vacations in order to avoid states with looser gun control laws.

In a significant development for gun owners, the Florida permitless concealed carry law, also known as constitutional carry, has recently been enacted. The law allows individuals to carry concealed weapons without the need for a permit, marking a significant shift in Florida’s stance on gun ownership. Many Disney fans are now canceling their vacations to Walt Disney World Resort in fear of the implications that this new law may bring to the state.

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Florida Enacts New Gun Law

Under the previous law, individuals were required to obtain a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed firearm in Florida. This process involved background checks, fingerprinting, and completion of a training course, ensuring that gun owners were knowledgeable about firearm safety and laws. However, the new permitless carry law eliminates these requirements, allowing individuals to carry concealed guns without mandated formal training or regulation.

Proponents of the permitless carry law argue that it upholds the Second Amendment rights of citizens, asserting that the right to bear arms should not be infringed upon. Governor Ron DeSantis, a staunch advocate of gun rights, signed the bill into law, believing that it would enhance personal liberty and self-defense. 

The Florida GOP’s Twitter account shared a graphic announcing the news on July 1, 2023, stating that “The free state of Florida just got more free!”

Will Walt Disney World Suffer From New Gun Laws?

Immediately after posting the graphic, people began panicking about the news. Numerous people began discussing the implications this could have on Florida’s tourism.

Numerous people are already claiming to be boycotting Florida. While Walt Disney World does still prohibit “firearms, ammunition, knives or weapons of any kind at or in Disney Resort Hotels and Disney Vacation Club Resorts, including in hotel rooms, units, vacation home villas, and general public areas within the hotels and resorts,” some people are not comfortable traveling to the state at all.

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As this law becomes a reality for Florida, fans will have to wait and see if this affects the number of Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

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