Fight Breaks Out in Theater During Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” Showing

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A fight broke out in a movie theater during a showing of Disney’s newly-released live-action film The Little Mermaid.

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On Saturday evening, a group of adults ruined the experience for a packed house at the theater when they began fighting and shouting at each other as Disney’s The Little Mermaid played on the big screen in front of them. To make matters worse for everyone in the audience–many of whom were children–the adults who were engaged in the altercation stood up the entire time they were fighting, blocking the view of the screen for moviegoers seated behind them.

Had they remained seated, the experience would have still been soured for the rest of the audience as the adults argued by yelling and shouting expletives at one another.

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Credit: Twitter/@BabyGravy9

A 44-second video clip of the fight was tweeted by @BabyGravy9, and from that clip, it’s impossible to tell what started the argument. Overall, the only decipherable words are the expletives that decorate the entirety of the altercation that was caught on camera.

A woman in the theater during the Disney film showing who witnessed the fight as it took place can be heard saying that she needs a refund, presumably because of the distraction of the fight, since it seems to have disrupted the showing of the film, which debuted at the box office on Friday.

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Credit: Twitter/@GravyBaby9

It’s unclear how long the altercation lasted on Saturday evening, but it’s completely within reason for moviegoers to expect that when they go to a local movie theater to catch Disney’s latest flick at the box office, fellow patrons will refrain from arguing and fighting while in public. And if those patrons can’t seem to drum up enough self-control to wait until they’re home to argue, they should at least step outside of the theater to do so.

The moral of the story is this: no one wants to buy a ticket to see Disney’s newest film, only to get to watch a fight between other adults instead. After all, that’s not the show they selected when they purchased their tickets.

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