FDA Recalls Common Household Disney Products Due to Safety Concerns

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In 2023, we probably feel like COVID is long behind us, especially due to the wide distribution of vaccines and the relaxed safety measures. However, that’s not entirely true.

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While we may feel that the pandemic is over simply because it’s no longer affecting our day-to-day lives, we should remember that it is still ongoing (albeit slowed down significantly). It’s never a bad idea to wear a mask in a crowded place to protect yourself or to wear one when you’re feeling under the weather to protect others. Nor is it a bad idea to frequently wash or sanitize your hands.

Disney Mask

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If you’re a Disney lover, you’ve probably seen little hand sanitizers with popular characters on the label, such as Grogu/The Child (colloquially called ‘Baby Yoda’) from The Mandalorian series, Anna and Elsa from Frozen II (2019), and of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

If you’ve bought one of these, you’re not alone. Many fans and Guests visiting Walt Disney World want to wash their hands with a Mickey Mouse hand sanitizer, a Mandalorian hand sanitizer, or another Disney branded hand sanitizer. They’re simply too cute to resist!

However, the FDA warns of some troubling factors and it may be time to toss the recalled hand sanitizer.

Children with Masks on at Disney

Credit: Disney

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When the pandemic initially started in the United States, the FDA created a list of hand sanitizers to avoid. Currently, that list has reached 378 different products, according to a report by Newsweek. On the list of the affected lot are the following hand sanitizers:

  • Disney Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer

  • Disney Princess Hand Sanitizer

  • Disney Frozen II Hand Sanitizer

  • Marvel Spiderman Hand Sanitizer

  • Star Wars Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer


Credit: Disney

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These household products have been recalled due to false advertising and safety concerns. There are several reasons, but in short, these Disney hand sanitizers have been recalled either because they contain harmful chemicals such as benzene or methanol (also known as wood alcohol), have “microbial contamination”, are not strong enough to actually sanitize due to lower levels of ethyl alcohol than required, and more.

For more information, here is the complete list of recalled products and safety concerns. If you have a recalled product, the FDA warns against using it, and it’s advised to stop use immediately.

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