Fans Try to Crack One of Disney’s Greatest mysteries…”who is Max Goof’s Mom?!”

Goofy Father
Credit: Disney and Sabina Graves/Gizmodo

Any Disney fan loves a good Disney unsolved mystery. There are tons of fan theories regarding a plethora of Disney films. The lore of Disney is one of the reasons that people love the company so much.

Of all the many Disney mysteries, there is one that has truly stumped fans for decades. When it comes to Max Goof, the son of Goofy, who is his mother?

Disney Reveals Clues Into Max Goofs Infancy

Goofy has been a beloved Disney Character for decades. His first appearance was in the short movie Mickey’s Revue, which was released on May 27, 1932. Since then, folks have fallen in love with his lovable and goofy charm. Around 20 years after the debut of Goofy, Walt Disney Animation decided that he was going to become a father. His son, Goofy Junior, made his first appearance in 1951 short, Fathers Are People.

Goofy Fathers are People

Credit: Disney

Goofy’s son appeared in some more shorts around that time, but his big debut wouldn’t be until 1992 on the TV series Goof Troop. Soon after, Max Good would become very popular with the release of the spinoff movie A Goofy Movie (1995.)

Since the release of A Goofy Movie, one question has lingered for fans: who is Max Goof’s mom? The movie avoids the discussion entirely, and no mention of her identity is revealed. In Goofy’s earlier appearances, we see him with an unnamed wife, but her personality remains a total mystery.

a goofy movie

Credit: Disney

Fans Look for Clues at Mickey’s Toontown

With the reopening of the new and improved Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park happening last weekend, fans took to the Park to see if there were any clues about Max’s mom. The Toontown renovation included a completely updated version of Goofy’s House.

Fans were met with tons of pictures showing Goofy as a rockstar single dad to Max. The photos are absolutely adorable. We see Max as a baby, Goofy taking Max fishing, and an adorable Step Brothers-inspired portrait. The photos are adorable, but they still make no mention of Ms. Goof.

Goofy and Max Goof

Credit: Sabina Graves/Gizmodo

Luckily, a Walt Disney Imagineer has shed some light on the subject. He explains that the new artwork was intentionally commissioned to celebrate Goofy’s talents as a single dad. It is clear that the new artwork has resonated with fans. While the identity of Max’s mother is still unknown, the identity of Max’s awesome father is more clear than ever.

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