Fans Shocked After Disney Adds Modern Update to Carousel of Progress

carousel of progress
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Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, a beloved attraction at Walt Disney World Resort, commemorates a momentous milestone as it reaches its 60th anniversary on April 22, 2024.

This iconic attraction, steeped in history and innovation, continues to captivate visitors with its nostalgic journey through the evolution of technology and everyday life.

Walt Disney’s visionary spirit is evident throughout the Carousel of Progress, showcasing his commitment to progress and optimism for a “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”

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As guests step into the rotating theater, they are transported through different time periods, each illustrating how advancements in technology have transformed family life.

In order to celebrate such a momentous achievement, Walt Disney World Resort debuted a new addition to the Magic Kingdom Park attraction. Today, fans were surprised and delighted to see that change in action.

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disney's carousel of progress attraction at the new york world's fair with crowds

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A Heartwarming Update to a Classic Attraction

The Carousel of Progress stands as a testament to Walt Disney’s enduring legacy and his extraordinary imagination. Originally created by Walt Disney himself for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, the attraction later found its permanent home at Walt Disney World Resort in Magic Kingdom Park.

The attraction’s theme song, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” composed by the Sherman Brothers, further enhances the optimistic and forward-looking message that remains relevant even today.

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Throughout the attraction, guests are guided by the Audio-Animatronic host, John, and his family as they navigate the changes brought about by technological innovations across the decades.

From the simplicity of the early 20th century to the cutting-edge advancements of modern times, the Carousel of Progress offers a unique and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

The final scene, set during the present day, serves as a reminder of how far society has come while emphasizing the importance of cherishing progress and innovation.


Credit: Disney

For many Disney enthusiasts, a visit to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is a nostalgic journey filled with fond memories and an appreciation for Walt Disney’s foresight. The attraction’s ability to blend entertainment with a historical narrative ensures its enduring popularity among visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the magic of Disney storytelling.

As the Carousel of Progress marks six decades of delighting audiences, it continues to embody the essence of Walt Disney’s vision for a brighter future where progress and imagination intertwine seamlessly. To celebrate such a momentous birthday, Disney added a new tribute to the ride’s enduring legacy.

60 Years of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

To celebrate the attraction’s 60th birthday, Disney has reportedly updated the opening section of the ride to celebrate the anniversary. Disney fan @FiBelleFi shared the news on X.

This alleged addition is truly an exciting theme park addition that really shows how much Disney cares about their iconic classic attractions. Despite many areas of Walt Disney World Resort being updated and severely changed, this attraction has remained true to its original roots with only a few minor changes.

This latest new addition adds another element of magic and appreciation for the fans who have loved and enjoyed this iconic Disney Park attraction for the last 60 years of remarkable service.

Happy birthday, Carousel of Progress!

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