Fans Fear the Worst: What Happened to Disney’s Beloved Stray Cats? Were They “EVICTED?!”

disney cats
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The fate of these Disney locals is up in the air…

Disneyland Resort is known worldwide as the “Happiest Place on Earth” for both humans… and animals! Nestled in Anaheim, California, this iconic Disney Resort has become home to a unique population of feline residents: Disney’s stray cats. These charming creatures have captured the hearts of both visitors and cast members alike, adding an extra touch of magic to the enchanting world of Disney.

the aristocats

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The Cutest Cast Members at Disneyland

The phenomenon of stray cats in Disneyland Park originated back in the early days of the park when Walt Disney himself noticed the rise of rodent populations. Determined to maintain the park’s high standards, Disney embraced his love of animals and welcomed a group of feral cats to control the vermin population discreetly.

Since then, packs of these feline Cast Members have lived at Disneyland Park. As Disneyland’s popularity grew, so did the population of these feline inhabitants. The Disneyland stray cats became an integral part of the park’s ecosystem, silently working behind the scenes to keep the park free of unwanted pests. Cats also were brought to Walt Disney World Resort for the same purpose.

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Disney cats

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Fans Fear the Worst

These cats have gained quite a dedicated following over the years. Many of the cats have been named and have established mini fanbases of their own. That’s why one fan was horrified to realize that two of the most famous cats, Snickers and Francisco, have not been seen for a while. The Guest posts;

“Is it just too hot out for our favorite Disney cat? We’ve been here a couple times this summer and haven’t seen them hanging around their favorite spot between Grizzly River Run and Soarin’. Just wanted to ask if anyone has seen them around or if they are ok.”

Has anyone seen Snickers/Francisco lately?
by u/DaHandyMan15 in Disneyland

According to one commenter, the reason may be surprising. User r/Grantsdale says;

“Francisco was adopted by a CM because of age.

Snickers, AFAIK, is still around the park.”

While the news that Francisco is no longer at Disney may be devastating to some, others will rejoice in the fact that this adorable feral cat has finally found a forever home. We hope that he gets lots of rest and relaxation after years of hard work as a Disneyland cat.

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