Fans Angry Over Disney’s Newest 100th Anniversary Reel

walt disney and his animated film characters
Credit: Disney/Etsy/Canva

Disney has released a beautiful and moving new celebratory reel in honor of the company’s 100th anniversary, but apparently, it wasn’t quite beautiful enough for some fans.

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walt disney and his animated film characters

Credit: Disney/Etsy

Over the last 100 years, Disney has had a bit of the Midas touch. From its beginnings as a small, two-man studio in California to its present-day status as an entertainment empire and maker of magic and memories, The Walt Disney Company has long stood the test of time–a test 100 years in the making.

Though Walt Disney would only live 43 years into the making of his magical empire, others who came alongside him and after him have worked to carry the torch of vision, imagination, ingenuity, and creativity, all while never losing sight of one thing–that it was all started by a mouse and by the man behind the mouse.

Beginning with the 1937 release of Disney’s first-ever feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and culminating (so far) with the release of Disney’s Strange World in 2022, Walt Disney Animation has proudly debuted 61 animated feature films, and that number doesn’t include any of the offerings from PIXAR, Star Wars and Lucasfilm, or Marvel.

disney films

Credit: Disney

According to, Disney alone has made almost 500 films:

There are 493 Disney movies, including everything from animated titles to live-action affairs. It doesn’t matter if they were released in theaters, went straight to video/DVD, or were put exclusively on Disney Plus. As long as Disney made them, they count.

This number doesn’t account for major co-productions such as Pixar films or movies Disney only distributes, like Marvel and Star Wars flicks. So, if you included every title that Disney was involved in in some way, the total would be even bigger.

pixar films and logo

Credit: PIXAR

In addition to Disney’s films, PIXAR has served as the birthplace of 27 different feature films, beginning with Toy Story in 1995.

As part of the celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, the company has released more than one reel, each one paying homage and respect to many of the company’s theatrical endeavors over the years. This week, Disney+ released a reel of its own. Though the streamer has only been around since November 2019, the reel from Disney+ is a celebration of many things Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, and Star Wars from recent years.

Many fans were moved by the reel, but others took issue with it, pointing out Disney’s apparently egregious omissions of certain films. Streaming analyst Dr. Drew posted a response to the reel, calling it a “horrible celebration” and pointed out a refusal on the part of Disney execs to include films from the “first 98 years of Disney.”

Another fan asked, “Did you forget something?” noting the absence of The Mandalorian from the reel.

Another fan accused The Walt Disney Company of not liking redheads, as PIXAR’s Brave and Merida were also excluded from the celebratory reel.

Another viewer had a “bold prediction” for Disney, saying, “I think you’d better start that huge course correction and see how the next five years go before making bold predictions,” responding to the reel’s caption, which reads, “Here’s to 100 years and many more.”

While it’s clear that many fans weren’t quite as pleased with the reel as others, we’re hoping that most of them can simply sit back and enjoy the one-minute presentation for what it is: a delightful piece of Disney nostalgia, whether that nostalgia is from the last few years or the last 100 years.

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