Is Disney Implementing a 180 Pound Weight Limit on Rides?!

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Another Disney rumor has fans in a tizzy this morning.

When Walt Disney created Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, he wanted to create a place where every Disney fan could find happiness, no matter their size or age. Part of the magic of Disney is being able to feel accepted for your unique qualities.

Now, fans are growing concerned due to a rumor that is spreading that claims Disney will only allow Guests to ride if they weigh 180 lbs or less.

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Could Disney Add a Weight Limit?

Understandably, this rumor has left more than a few people feeling upset. 180 lbs would exclude a large number of Guests, and it would be a very extreme measure to take. The source that reported on the new policy states;

“Disney will only allow guests 180 lbs or less to ride certain rides. As mentioned above, this is to maintain the structural integrity of the ride and reduce the wear and tear on the rides and the supports.” 

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However, this claim isn’t the first time that Disney has been accused of excluding Guests of larger sizes. Earlier this year, Disney received some negative criticism recently due to the seat sizes of some of their new ride vehicles. In the past, many of Disney’s attractions had bench-style seating, making it easy for riders of any size to enjoy. Now, with the addition of rides like TRON: Lightcycle/ Run and Avatar: Flight of Passage, fewer and fewer Guests are able to ride these kinds of rides.

Guests are able to try a test seat before going on the attraction, similar to how a young child would test their minimum height requirement.

Weight Limit Coming to Disneyland Rides
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Disney’s Policy Will NOT Change

Despite the convincing statement, this policy is NOT real; it is a satirical article published by the fake Disney news source, MouseTrapNews.com

Disney has never had any sort of weight limit on any Disney ride, and it’s fair to assume that they will not add one in the future. Disney is meant to be a place for Guests of all shapes and sizes, and we can all hope that Disney continues to strive to be an inclusive place.

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