Fact Check: Did Denzel Washington REALLY Turn Down a $50 Million Project Because Disney is ‘Too Woke?’

Denzel Washington
Credit: Flickr, Ameer Hamza

Not long ago rumors started circulating that Denzel Washington turned down a $50 million project with Disney. The reason? The company was “too woke.” This was curious to us so we decided to dive into that story and see if there was any truth to the rumor.

Denzel Washington

Credit: Flickr, Ameer Hamza


Aug. 30, 2023, the website USA World News on faithhopel.info published an article with the headline, “Breaking: Denzel Washington Declines Disney’s $50 Million Project, ‘They’re Too Woke.'” The article cited no sources and didn’t even share a direct quote from the actor. This in itself is a red flag.

Despite no evidence that Washington said anything of the sort, people shared the article as though it was fact and commented that they were glad to see someone with “principals” in Hollywood. The article went viral and the hashtag #TooWokeforDenzel trended for a short while on X (formerly called Twitter).

Many feel Disney has crossed a line by blending politics with business. A good many Disney fans feel alienated by the company’s strong stance on certain topics. That is what allowed the Denzel Washington rumor to take hold. They were hoping to see someone with starpower stand up to the company in ways they cannot.

Denzel Washington

Credit: Flickr, Ameer Hamza

Earlier today we reported on the “Go Woke Go Broke” boycotts. It is this movement that allowed the rumor to take hold. It should be noted, however, that they did not start the rumor. A search of the original website, meant to look like a legitimate US news source, is actually based in Pakistan.

A number of fake news sites have popped up internationally in the last 5 years with the aim of creating turmoil and sparking division. It seems that the claim that Denzel Washington said Disney was “too woke” is nothing more than an attempt to further the political divide in America. The rumor is false.

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