Is It ETHICAL to Visit Walt Disney World Given the State’s Politics?!

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This debate has been at the forefront of many Disney fans’ minds. 

Every year, millions of families choose to travel to Disney to spend their hard-earned money and vacation time. A big reason that families choose Disney year after year is because of the sensation known as the “Disney Bubble.” Many Guests feel that by entering Disney, they are escaping all worries and problems of the outside world. It is like being in a parallel universe with no politics, crime, or hate to be found.

Unfortunately, fans are finding it harder to escape into the Disney Bubble when there is so much political turmoil in the state of Florida. This brings up an important question; is it ethical to visit Walt Disney World Resort during these tumultuous times?

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Fans Debate Ethics of Florida Travel

Let’s face it: Florida has never been a perfect state from a political standpoint. However, the current legislation being pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis has some fans feeling more infuriated than ever.

For context, Gov Ron DeSantis has made some major waves in Florida with his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill that prohibits the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. DeSantis has also been under fire for trying to limit discussions of Critical race theory in schools. His ideology has resulted in LGBTQ+ advocacy groups and the N.A.A.C.P. issuing travel advisories into the state at this time. DeSantis’ latest lawsuit with the Walt Disney Company over the Reedy Creek Improvement District has been the ‘cherry on the sundae’ reason for many fans to want to boycott Florida vacations.

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Now, the question on many fans’ minds is if it is ethical or not to visit Disney, given the current situation. There is no easy answer to this debacle. On the one hand, many fans want to support the Walt Disney co during its lawsuit and legal troubles with the state. On the other hand, many fans hate the idea of putting any money into the pockets of Central Florida.

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To Disney… Or Not to Disney?

Whether or not you choose to travel during this time is a completely personal choice, and it should not be grounds for hatred from the opposing side. It being ‘ethical’ to visit Walt Disney World Resort is up to the individual, and judgment from other fans is not helpful. During such a divisive time, it can be hard not to feel helpless in situations like this one. In order to keep Disney a magical place, we must remember to be kind and understanding of each other’s personal choices.

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