Entire Location at Walt Disney World Resort Closes Indefinitely

WDW closed
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Another sudden closure has rocked the Disney community at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

In 2023, the Walt Disney World Resort experienced a wave of new and thrilling additions, captivating guests from all corners of the globe. However, amidst the excitement, there were also closures that left a void in the hearts of Disney enthusiasts. As we embrace the dawn of 2024, another beloved location bids farewell within the enchanting realm of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Alex and Ani closing Disney Springs

Credit: Disney

Another Day, Another Closure at WDW

Over the years, this sprawling Disney Springs complex has evolved into a captivating fusion of entertainment, shopping, and dining, all set against a backdrop of immersive theming that transports visitors into an otherworldly experience outside of a Disney Park. It also has served as a hub for many of Disney’s most iconic and beloved locations.

As with any bustling hub, change is inevitable. While 2023 ushered in a plethora of exciting new stores and restaurants in the area, it also marked the end of an era as several beloved establishments bid farewell to the Disney Springs landscape. Now, another Disney Springs location has closed.

disney springs brick signage

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Swings N’ Things

Swings N’ Things, a store at Disney Springs, has unfortunately closed its doors. This closure has disappointed fans and visitors, as the swings were a beloved part of the entertainment experience in this vibrant shopping and entertainment district.

The swings at Swings N Things were expertly designed to provide comfort and safety while adding an element of fun to the surroundings. With their vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns, these swings were a great item for people looking to relax.

Swings N' Things

Credit: Disney, Swings N’ Things

Although Swings N’ Things is no longer part of the Disney Springs experience, visitors can still explore this enchanting destination’s many other delightful offerings. Only time will tell what location will be put in where Swings N’ Things once was at Disney Springs.

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