Emily Blunt Trades in Husband, John Krasinski, for ‘Captain America’s’ Chris Evans

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AsĀ strike agreementsĀ have brought the stall of film production to a close, Hollywood is a buzz with new movies and shows. As streaming wars heat up, with Disney’s recent purchase of Hulu, Netflix finds itself in a battle for entertainment ground and has recently turned to Disney greats like Emily Blunt and Chris Evans to help maintain their upper hand.

Emily Blunt, Disney Royalty

Emily Blunt, the London-born wife of famous actor John Krasinski, has made a name for herself within the Disney community, ultimately highlighted by film roles likeĀ Into the WoodsĀ (2014) with Johnny Depp,Ā Mary Poppins ReturnsĀ (2018) andĀ Jungle CruiseĀ (2021) alongside Dwayne Johnson.

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Since her latest river adventure, theĀ Quiet PlaceĀ (2018) star found herself in another war. This time, it was against Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, as her latest film,Ā OppenheimerĀ (2023), featuring Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr., went head to head withĀ BarbieĀ (2023) on opening weekend.

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Although Disney fans know Emily Blunt best for her role as Mary Poppins and Lily Houghton, the love interest of Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson), inĀ Jungle CruiseĀ (2021), she’s had a few other Disney credits to her name, such as 2011’sĀ The Muppets.

A Hollywood Romance

Of course, despite her breakout role inĀ The Devil Wears PradaĀ (2006) with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, most recognize Emily Blunt as the lucky wife (or John as the lucky husband) of John Krasinski, most notably famous for his role as Jim Halpert inĀ The Office (2005).

The Hollywood power couple married in 2010 at a quiet ceremony on George Clooney’s Lake Como, Italy estate, and since they have collaborated onĀ A Quiet PlaceĀ and its sequel, which horror fans absolutely adore.

'Jungle Cruiseā€™ Star Emily Blunt Is a ā€œDivaā€ to Work With on Set

Credit: Disney

The two are a favored love story for those who keep track of what’s happening with pop culture figures. Adorable and obviously in love, the pair have ushered in two children, Hazel and Usher, since their marriage and become a visual representation of many of the love-struck characters they’ve portrayed on film.Ā 

Although Krasinski’s career has since taken off with hits likeĀ 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of BenghaziĀ (2016) and a cameo in 2022’sĀ Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Emily Blunt retains the title of bread-winner in their household, raking in the dough as a prominent and must-have name in Hollywood.

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However, John Krasinski is no slouch himself when it comes to working with Disney, appearing in the aforementioned Marvel Cinematic Universe production and lending his voice to Pixar StudiosĀ Monsters UniversityĀ in 2013. The DCĀ League of Super-PetsĀ (2021) voice actor also had a small role in 2021’sĀ Free GuyĀ featuring Ryan Reynolds.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Despite Blunt’s onscreen performances with her husband, she’s had an illustrious career apart from him. TheĀ Girl on the TrainĀ (2016) actress has worked closely with many leading men in Hollywood. Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro (The Wolfman, 2010), Tom Hanks (Charlie Wilson’s War, 2007), and Steve Carell (Dan in Real Life, 2007) have all had the pleasure of working alongside Emily Blunt.

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However, in her latest endeavors, Blunt finds herself working closely with one of America’s most beloved Avengers, Chris Evans. Interestingly enough, her husband and Evans, who was a prominent figure as Marvel’s Captain America during theĀ Infinity Saga, have worked for Disney in some capacity and with minor roles inĀ Free Guy.

Emily Blunt is Reason Enough to Watch ‘Pain Hustlers’

Netflix’s newest drama pairs the once-Steven Rogers and Mary Poppins alongside each other as Emily Blunt, an out-of-work mother, enters into a dangerous racketeering scheme with a failing pharmaceutical company.

Director David Yates, notable for his production of theĀ Harry PotterĀ andĀ Fantastic BeastsĀ franchises, takes aĀ Wolf of Wall StreetĀ approach to opioid pushers in America, according to Entertainment Weekly, bringing a “solid” and often gritty film to Netflix.

pain hustlers

Credit: Netflix

Despite Pain Hustlers being “shocking nor scathing enough to leave a lasting impression,” according to Entertainment Weekly, Emily Blunt’s role as the whistleblower, Liza Drake, is as good as it gets, making the film, in my opinion, an enjoyable experience, despite its “lackluster execution” according toĀ Rotten Tomatoes, which ranks the movie at 24%, with an audience score of 69%.

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The new Netflix movie, which includes notable names like Andy Garcia and Catherine O’Hara, hasn’t necessarily swept critics off of their feet. However, the honest look attributing origins to America’s current fentanyl and opioid epidemic is refreshing, allowing Emily Blunt to execute her role of Drake, who makes millions for a company wrapped up in no good deals, flawlessly.

Blunt, whose career began with a stage-production called the The Royal Family,Ā practically gets to tear Big Pharma a “new one” according to Rolling Stone, earning her the EW title of morally murky girlboss. The movie presents as an authentic take on the people who got America hooked via author Evan Hughes, providing a great onscreen relationship between Emily Blunt and Chris Evans. Although it’s not something you’re going to write home about, Blunt’s performance definitely makes it a great option as American gets back to work in Hollywood.

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