Dwayne Johnson and a Presidential Run May Not Be a Joke

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Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” has had a significant partnership with Disney throughout his career. He has been featured in several of Disney’s highly successful movies, bringing his charisma and larger-than-life personality to the big screen.

Dwayne Johnson Is Disney World's Newest Neighbor

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One of Dwayne Johnson’s notable Disney collaborations is his role in the film Moana. Released in 2016, Moana is an animated musical adventure that follows the journey of a young Polynesian princess. Dwayne Johnson lent his voice to the character Maui, a demigod with shape-shifting abilities. His portrayal of Maui was praised for its humor and charm, adding an extra layer of magic to the film.

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In addition, Dwayne Johnson also lent his Hollywood persona to Disney’s Jungle Cruise (2021). Inspired by the Disney theme park attraction of the same name, Jungle Cruise is an action-adventure film set in the early 20th century. Dwayne Johnson plays the role of a charismatic riverboat captain named Frank, who takes a researcher (portrayed by Emily Blunt) and her brother on a thrilling quest through the Amazon jungle. This film is expected to continue Dwayne Johnson’s successful partnership with Disney and entertain audiences with his signature blend of humor and action.

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Overall, Dwayne Johnson’s association with Disney has resulted in memorable performances and successful collaborations, showcasing his range as an actor and his ability to bring beloved characters to life. His contributions to Disney films have only added to his status as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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The Rock, son of Ata and Rocky Johnson, has also enjoyed a luxurious film career since his days in the WWF, with most of his success coming outside of Disney. From characters like Luke Hobbs in Fast X (2023), the Scorpion King, and Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson has built a very formidable resume for himself.

Outside of film, Dwayne Johnson has also built a successful empire since his days as Rocky Maivia in the WWE. The Black Adam (2022) star has collaborated with big names like John Cena and Oprah Winfrey while constructing a massive, well-rounded business with his wife Lauren Hashian.

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Despite his business acumen and the many hats that he wears, rumors surrounding a new venture for Dwayne Douglas Johnson have been circulating for some time. The Rock has taken on college football, the Canadian Football League, professional wrestling, television, film, clothing lines, philanthropic work, and even comedy alongside good friend Kevin Hart. However, one aspect of his career that the Game Plan (2007) star has been rumored to throw in his hat is politics. And we aren’t just talking about everyday small-scale politics; we’re talking about that which has presidential aspiration.

Although much of the talk regarding Dwayne Johnson running for the highest office in the United States is just that, talk, some new evidence has emerged suggesting that the Black Adam star may be seriously considering a run for President.

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After the celebrity for President fad was set in motion by Donald Trump, many have called for the WWE Supertar to declare as a real democratic candidate for the office. Johnson has admitted that the party has asked him to run in 2020, and just a few days after meeting with military officials at the Pentagon, according to Dom Lucre on X, formerly Twitter, The Rock has now met with various United States Senators in the nation’s capital.

Considering Johnson’s massive appeal amongst his fans, despite how they know him from his time alongside Kevin Hart in films like Central Intelligence (2016), as a wresting megastar for the World Wrestling Entertainment company alongside Vince McMahon, John Cena, and Dave Bautista, or from action-packed films like Red Notice (2021) and San Andreas (2015), the Young Rock star would be a popular choice as command in chief.

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Although it’s difficult to derive anything from a singular meeting with Senators, given the chain of events mentioned in the tweets, as well as the explosive talk of the superstar running for office and the democratic need for a viable candidate; given his popularity, where there’s smoke, there very well could be fire, as the former wrestling great turned Hollywood A-lister might actually be running for President.

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