Dwayne Johnson Is Florida’s Newest Neighbor

Can someone live a couple hundred miles away and still be neighbors? Sure, they can as long as their states border each other! With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Disney World’s newest neighbor!

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Okay, we admit that’s a bit of a stretch, but the famousĀ Black AdamĀ star just purchased a historic farm right next door to Disney World’s home state of Florida, and when we say huge, we mean huge!

Dwayne Johnson Continues to Build His Empire

We all know the troubled stories of Dwayne Johnson in his youth. The son of famous pro-wrestler Rocky Johnson, many of “The Rock’s” youthful years were spent in poverty. Despite being a Division One athlete in college at the University of Miami, Dwayne Johnson struggled financially once he made the decision to chase his dream of becoming a World Wrestling Federation superstar.

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Once making it big in the WWF (now the WWE), Dwayne Johnson wasted no time in taking over the entire entertainment world. Becoming one of the biggest names in wrestling, right up there with Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena, the then Rocky Maivia would go on to branch out into film and television, ultimately culminating in a career that cemented his vast fortune.

Although Johnson still returns to his wrestling and football roots at times, his acting career, much of which is spent alongside friend Kevin Hart, is highly responsible for his $800 million net worth. A fortune that Dwayne Johnson has used from movies such as San AndreasĀ (2015),Ā Red NoticeĀ (2021), Moana (2016), and theĀ Fast and the FuriousĀ franchise to build a literal empire of wealth.

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Since then, theĀ Scorpion KingĀ star has expanded his portfolio, creating Seven Bucks Productions, a production company involved with various platforms and mediums. He is credited with creating original releases for television, film, emerging technologies, and digital networks. TheĀ HerculesĀ frontman also owns a semi-pro football league named the XFL.

Johnson and Disney

Despite owning several businesses, if you’re reading this here, you most likely know Dwayne Johnson for one reason, his Disney-featured roles. “The Rock” has been no stranger to Disney, famously voicing the demi-god Maui in 2016’s smash hitĀ Moana.

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Johnson’s latest onscreen appearance for Disney came alongside Emily Blunt in 2021’sĀ Jungle CruiseĀ film, but his history with Disney goes all the way back toĀ The Game PlanĀ (2007). Despite other popular roles, such as Jumaji (2017, 2019) and Baywatch (2019), Johnson is credited with another Disney-related title inĀ Race to Witch MountainĀ (2009).

Dwayne Johnson Was Everything on EPSN's College Gameday

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Although the popularĀ Young RockĀ star has taken a liking to DC Comic productions of late, rumors have swirled regarding his return to Disney in an upcoming live-action remake ofĀ Moana. Of course, Dwayne Johnson would return to play Maui again. I mean, who else could, right?

“The Rock” Spends a Fortune on a Farm

Although Dwayne Johnson already owns several properties dotted across the state of Florida, his most recent purchase, in neighboring Georiga, came with a hefty price tag. According toĀ, Johnson paid a staggering $9.5 million for a historic Georgia property.

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The gorgeous property, 46 acres, has a beautiful main house and caretaker’s cottage. It also has a riding arena, a 12-stall barn area, and a “French country manor architectural design.”

The property, which resides in Powder Springs, Georiga, sits Northwest of the state’s capital of Atlanta, right in the heart of the southeastern United States. Not far from Alabama and Marietta, the spacious farmscape is indeed a switch compared to the glamorous “on-the-go” style of Miami, Los Angeles, or other star-studded home-bases for celebrities.

It’s nice to see the “nicest man in Hollywood” be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. As Dwayne Johnson has recently been highlighted in news outlets for not-so-glamorous reasons, we’re happy to report that he seems to have found a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The 51-year-old actor GI Joe star continues to work towards immeasurable success, and we wish him nothing but the best!


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