Drunk EPCOT Guest Sneaks Backstage, Steals Golf Cart, and Unleashes “A Few Hours of Fear” Upon Cast Members

arrest at EPCOT
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This story is truly horrifying.

For the millions of Guests who visit EPCOT every year, it is a magical and fun place for all ages. One of the highlights of the Park is the World Showcase, an area where you can visit eleven different pavilions based on different countries from around the world. Many adult Guests choose to try some of the alcoholic beverages from each region, known by fans as “drinking around the world.”

However, drinking in excess in the hotel Florida heat is not something to be taken lightly and often can lead to trouble for Guests. A former Disney Cast Member has taken to Twitter to share one of the worst Guest instances Walt Disney World Resort has ever seen. 

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Looking Back on One of EPCOT’s Worst Incidents

Back in 2013, a Guest at EPCOT went on a rampage that has gone down in Disney history as one of the worst instances of Guest behavior of all time.

Austin De Van Hill, a former Naval Academy student, made headlines recently after being involved in a violent incident at EPCOT. The incident took place at EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival, an annual event very popular amongst fans.

According to reports of the incident, Austin became extremely intoxicated at the festival, which caused him to behave erratically. Things took a turn for the worst when Austin managed to get backstage into a Cast Member’s only area.

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World showcase America Pavilion

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Guest Sneaks Backstage… And Things Take a Turn for the Worst

What happened when Austin got backstage was terrifying. A Cast Member who was working at Walt Disney World Resort at the time recalls the situation, saying;

“…the custodial radios were going crazy with reports of a man backstage at epcot, stealing golf carts & beating people with pipes he ripped off the walls. would you believe this? i didn’t, until a friend of mine who didn’t know my roomie also brought it up.”

Eventually, Austin’s tirade led him to Club Cool, PVC pipe in hand. It was here that he was caught by Park security and eventually arrested. 

This story is by no means a good one, but it is a fascinating part of Disney’s history. As always, it is important to stay hydrated and drink with caution… especially at Disney!

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