Does Disney Have a Drinking and Driving Problem? Guests Believe the Answer Is YES!

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These reports are incredibly startling and very upsetting to hear.

EPCOT, the second theme Park to be constructed at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, is a true haven for those seeking a global adventure. With its World Showcase, EPCOT offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the tastes and flavors of different countries without ever leaving the magical realm. From Canada to Mexico, this journey through EPCOT’s World Showcase is sure to have enough food and drink to satisfy any traveler.

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EPCOT Brings Tasty Beverages to the Hands of Guests

Walt Disney World’s World Showcase is divided into 11 pavilions, each representing a different country. Starting from the right or the left, you can embark on your epic adventure. While walking through EPCOT World Showcase is a fun and entertaining activity for all ages, many Guests of legal age really enjoy “drinking around the world.” This means stopping at each of the eleven pavilions to grab an alcoholic beverage.

This can be an incredibly wholesome activity for many fans, or it can be an absolute disaster. Drinking eleven drinks in a short amount of time can be an absolute disaster for Guests who are unable to properly place themselves. Nearly every day, there are reports of Guests getting too wild and belligerent at EPCOT’s World Showcase.

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Drinking Around the World Has a Dark Side

One Guest has just pointed out a very dangerous pattern being seen at World Showcase as of late. The Guest explains;

“Does WDW have rules about drinking alcohol and driving an ECV? I’ve seen some things at EPCOT.

I have seen two incidents recently at EPCOT and both times the ECV “drivers” were holding alcoholic beverages. On their ECV rental page, Disney does not mention anything about being drunk on your ECV. Seems weird.”

Does WDW have rules about drinking alcohol and driving an ECV? I’ve seen some things at EPCOT
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An EVC is an Electric Conveyance Vehicle used to help Guests with mobility challenges better move around the Parks. Disney rents out these vehicles to Guests in need.

Hearing that some Guests are drinking and driving in these vehicles is not something to take lightly. A major injury can occur from these vehicles, and it is especially scary when you consider the number of young children running around the Parks.

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One commenter pointed out that Florida law states that no open containers can be held or consumed while in a vehicle. With events like the International Food and Wine Festival coming up, we hope that Disney puts a stop to EPCOT drinking and driving.

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