Drink Coffee Like a Disney VILLAIN With Joffrey’s New Collection

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If you’re a coffee lover and a fan of Walt Disney World, then Joffrey’s Coffee is a name that should already be familiar to you. Starbucks may have a strong presence within the parks, but Joffrey’s offers a unique experience that is tailor-made for Disney enthusiasts. This specialty coffee company has been serving up delicious blends at Disney World since 1995, and its reputation has only grown since then.

Joffrey's villians collection

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Disney’s Official Specialty Coffee

One of the first things that sets Joffrey’s Coffee apart is its prime location. With multiple kiosks scattered throughout the parks, resorts, and shopping areas, you’re never too far from a steaming cup of their magical brew. Whether you’re strolling through Disney Springs or taking a break from the rides at Magic Kingdom Park, Joffrey’s will be there to fuel your adventure.

There are so many different selections of coffee for Guests to choose from. In addition to the drinks that you can purchase in the Parks, Joffreys also has a website where fans can order their favorite Park brews to their homes.

Joffrey's villains collection

Credit: Joffrey’s

New Villains Collection Comes to the Joffrey’s

One of the fun things that Joffrey’s does is offer limited-edition specialty blends based on things from the Disney Parks. They just announced their newest collection, and it couldn’t be coming at a more perfect time.

Joffrey’s has just revealed a new coffee collection inspired by the Disney Villains. This collection comes at the most perfect time due to Halloween being right around the corner.

Joffrey's villains collection

Credit: Joffrey’s

The collection includes the Dragon Roast Brew, a “spellbinding brew with notes of pecan, caramel, and vanilla” inspired by Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, the Sea Witch Brew, “a bewitching brew with notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, and dark chocolate” based off Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and the Having a Bite Brew which is “a tantalizing brew with notes of apple, caramel, and cinnamon” inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White. Both of these brews are medium roasts and are currently priced at $12.99

If you are interested in purchasing, these brews are now on sale at jofferys.com.

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