Donald ‘Busts a Move’: Everyone Favorite Duck Breaks It Down During an EPIC Dance Battle

Donald Duck dance battle
Credit: Disney and Canva

Someone get Donald on Dancing With The Stars!

Donald Duck has been a beloved character for nearly a century since his debut in the Walt Disney comic book in 1934. His mischievous personality often gets him into trouble, but his antics have delighted audiences for generations.

Oftentimes, Donald Duck is associated with being kind of crabby and unhappy. However, true Donald Duck fans know that this character knows how to have fun! One mother and daughter duo were in for the surprise of their life when they questioned Donald Ducks’ ability to break out in dance. And boy, did Donald prove them wrong!

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Donald Duck and Daisy character meet and greet Disney Parks

Credit: Disney Parks

Donald Duck Is a Dancing Champion

For the millions of fans that choose to vacation at one of the Disney Parks every year, one of the main highlights is getting to interact with and experience all of the hilarious characters that call the Parks home. One of the most popular characters to meet with is Donald Duck.

Guests love Donald for his funny personality, hilarious voice, adorable appearance, and quirky sailor outfit. He is one of the most popular characters for Guests to meet within the Disney Parks. Guests can also meet Donald Duck on the Disney cruise line.

One family was enjoying their family Disney cruise when the mother captured an interaction not easy to forget.

donald duck

Credit: Disney

Donald Accepts the Challenge

TikTok user and Disney cruise passenger @theglutenfreetravelagent captured the moment when her daughter decided to challenge Donald Duck to a dance-off. Now, many people might think that Donals would know how to dance, but in reality, he definitely knows how to break it down, even at sea on a Disney cruise ship!


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♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

The video of Donald’s incredible dance moves has gone completely viral. As of now, the video of Donald’s dancing has over 800,000 views! This moment is absolutely hilarious, and we hope to see much more dancing from Donald now that we know he has this skill!

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