Disrespectful Guests Leave Walt Disney World Park a Complete DISASTER!

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What a mess!

Walt Disney World Resort is known for its magical atmosphere, enchanting attractions, and unforgettable experiences. However, amidst the joy and excitement, there is an unfortunate presence of disrespectful Disney Guests. These individuals tarnish the reputation of the iconic Park as well as the hardworking Cast Members who strive to create a magical experience for every visitor.

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Bad Guest Behavior Is Not Letting Up

This year, Disney Parks have seen some of the worse behavior from fans ever. Bad Guest behavior can include anything from disregarding rules, mistreating Cast Members and Guests, being immature or unruly, and disrespecting the Parks.

For the millions of Guests who come to enjoy a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort every year, seeing bad Guest behavior happening so often is really disappointing. Nothing ruins the magic of faster than a disrespectful Guest. Since the Parks have returned to their pre-pandemic state, wild Guest behavior has been on the rise.

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At Walt Disney World Resort, one of the Parks that has a big problem with bad Guests is EPCOT. Because this Park is a very popular drinking location, Guests often get out of hand when they have too many ‘adult beverages’ in their system.

Guests Fail to Respect the Parks

Last night, one Guest was leaving EPCOT after a performance of EPCOT Forever, the Park’s nighttime entertainment. As they were leaving the Parks, they noticed some major mess left by Guests exiting. The Guest snapped a picture showing a trashcan that had been pushed over.

What happened after Epcot forever tonight lol (found this walking out of the park near international gateway)
by inWaltDisneyWorld

Seeing this image stirred up emotion from fans who have had enough of fans disrespecting the Parks. Another post shows sliding doors pushed out of place.

What drinking around the world does to people (part 2)
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One of the things that Disney prides itself on is the cleanliness and order of their Parks. Cast Members put in a lot of effort to maintain the Parks, and seeing Guests treat the Park this way is very disheartening to see.

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